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Interorbital Systems Taps Destiny Space to Book Space Tourism and Sat Launches

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
February 24, 2008
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Destiny Space Press Release

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) February 22, 2008 — DestinySpace Enterprises (DSE),, the world’s leader in space tourism retail, announced today that it has formed a strategic alliance with Mojave-based rocket manufacturer and launch provider Interorbital Systems (IOS),, to market IOS’ low-cost commercial orbital space tourism and satellite launch services.

DSE’s subsidiary Orbital Expeditions (Orbex) will act as an official booking agent for IOS’ orbital payload launch services and week-long orbital spaceflight expeditions. Augmenting the sales force of Astro Expeditions LLC, IOS’ in-house marketing arm, DSE will provide a ‘reservations portal’ for orbital crew and cargo spaceflight services to a wider customer base. Clients will include government, academia, commercial firms and space tourists.

Randa Milliron, CEO and Co-Founder of Interorbital Systems, stated, “Interorbital is extremely pleased to partner with DestinySpace. They will enhance our marketing program by presenting IOS’ orbital services to a more diverse audience. We envision Interorbital’s involvement with DSE as growing to include a multitude of space-based enterprises, among them the creation of space fashions, the promotion of orbital tourism and low-cost satellite launch services, and the marketing of IOS’ lunar transport opportunities.”

In addition to ticket sales, DSE/Orbex will also offer customers advertising opportunities on the Sea Star and Neptune launch vehicles for one-of-a-kind marketing promotions. Participating company logos and products will enjoy prominent placement on IOS rockets, launch hardware, crew jumpsuits, and at least six affiliate websites before, during, and after satellite launch and space tourist flight operations — all for a fraction of the cost of other space launch options.

When Russia stops taking tourists into space in 2009, IOS will be the only multi-day orbital experience provider in the world. “At the unique price of $2.5 million per seat we are expecting the overflow from Russia to generate a lot of interest in our services,” says David M. Jankowski, President of DSE affiliate Orbital Expeditions. “In addition, with the launch of this new business venture, we will be offering promotional pricing to the first 10 customers of $250,000 per seat. These will be offered on a first come, first served basis and we expect to sell out quickly.”

At present, one is sold and one is reserved — leaving only eight “Free Tickets to Space” available. The price returns to $2.5 million after the remaining eight tickets are sold.

DSE subsidiary Orbital Expeditions has launched its new website to support the new DSE/IOS alliance and to act as a marketing nexus and reservations center for IOS’ orbital flight operations. The site includes an FAQ section for information about booking passage as a space tourist or lofting a satellite via IOS’ innovative, ultra-affordable orbital cargo and crew space launch services.

About DestinySpace Enterprises (DSE):
Working within the space tourism industry, DestinySpace Enterprises (DSE) acts as a portal for all facets of commercial space travel. The company is supported via sales from a DSE-managed Store Front — DSE has strategically developed relationships with numerous commercial space entities including Rocketplane Global, SpaceChannel.TV, World Space Week, SpaceShot Inc, and is a founding member of the Space Fashion Organization. DSE intends to establish itself as a key element in marketing commercial space services to the public. While DestinySpace is a for-profit company, our goal is to increase public awareness of and support for future space tourism activities. Its affiliate Orbital Expeditions is an official booking agent for Interorbital Systems’ space launch services. A percentage of DSE profits are designated to educational programs such as Teachers in Space.

“Destiny Favors the Adventurous”

About Interorbital Systems (IOS):
Interorbital Systems (IOS), a private-sector rocket and spacecraft manufacturing company, was founded in 1996. The company is currently developing two orbital launch vehicles: Sea Star Microsatellite Launch Vehicle; and Neptune, a six-passenger orbital tourism Titan-II class rocket. Since its inception, IOS has conducted a continuous research and development program, independently producing all its own rocket components, including its own liquid rocket engines in-house. In addition to its position as a leading player in the commercial space movement, IOS has also performed numerous outside aerospace contracts, including manufacturing propane tankage and pressurant systems for its first manned system: Dick Rutan’s Global Hilton Balloon Project; the South Texas Spaceport Feasibility Study and Analysis; special rocket visual and sound effects work for French Television, and the films Serenity and War of the Worlds. Interorbital Systems is poised to begin the world’s first regularly scheduled orbital tourism space flights in late 2009.

Contact Information for Orbital Expeditions:

David M. Jankowski
[email protected]

William Feidl
Vice President
[email protected]


Contact for Interorbital Systems:
Randa Milliron, CEO, Interorbital Systems
661.965.0771; [email protected]

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