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NASTAR Hosts Space Agents Forum

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
February 21, 2008
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SOUTHAMPTON, Pa., Feb. 20 — Environmental Tectonics Corporation’s National Aerospace Training and Research (NASTAR) Center recently hosted 50 Accredited Space Agents (ASAs) from 14 countries a two-day Forum designed to update them on the Virgin Galactic project and to give them in-depth knowledge of the new NASTAR Center Air and Space Adventure Programs designed to be a “try before you buy” for prospective Space Travelers on board Virgin Galactic’s suborbital space flights.

NASTAR Center is the official training provider for Virgin Galactic who last month released the designs of the WhiteKnightTwo, and SpaceShipTwo at an event in New York City. Virgin Galactic will be the world’s first commercial spaceline and provider of private suborbital spaceflights.

The Global ASA Forum hosted at the NASTAR Center was a two day fun-filled event of seminars and sub-orbital space “flights” in the NASTAR Center STS-400 Space Training Simulator. NASTAR Center’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Glenn King stated, “It was a pleasure having the ASA’s at the NASTAR Center. During their two-day visit, we provided over 50 Sub-Orbital flights. These flights validated our business model of providing sub-orbital flight training to the general population. Almost everyone now has a chance to experience what only a small number of astronauts have experienced. The dreams of commercial space flight are becoming a reality, and we’re happy to be part of this historic event.”

Virgin Galactic ASAs are now taking reservations for NASTAR Center’s new Air and Space Adventure Programs that include aerial combat and space launch simulations, both with sustained G forces, real-world visuals and an authentically modeled cockpits and space cabins. Edward Rendell, Governor of Pennsylvania, expressed “In addition to learning more about the growing potential of space tourism, by attending today’s forum you will join the ranks of those who have enjoyed the NASTAR Center’s Sub-Orbital Space Flight Experience – the most realistic space experience available on Earth.”

William F. Mitchell, President and Chairman of ETC, stated, “We are very pleased to be working with Virtuoso and ASA’s, who we anticipate will provide a significant amount of business for our new Air and Space Programs.”

Virgin Galactic Accredited Space Agents are taking reservations for NASTAR(R) Center Air and Space Adventure Programs. For a comprehensive list of ASAs including contact details please visit

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