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San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and Fiance Jennifer Siebel ‘Float on Air’ During ZERO-G Weightless Flight From Moffett Field

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
February 18, 2008
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Zero Gravity Corporation Press Release

MOFFETT FIELD, CA–(Marketwire – February 18, 2008) – Zero Gravity Corporation (ZERO-G®), the first and only FAA-approved provider of commercial weightless flights, welcomed San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and fiancé Jennifer Siebel to experience a weightless adventure aboard one of the first zero-gravity flights for the general public from NASA’s Moffett Federal Airfield on Saturday, February 16, 2008.

During the unforgettable weightless escapade, Newsom and Siebel flew like Superman, flipped like Olympic gymnasts and enjoyed 10-times more hang-time than the world’s best basketball player. The newly engaged duo floated on cloud nine as they danced mid-air in the rare and exalted state of weightlessness.

The experience offered by ZERO-G is the only commercial opportunity on Earth for individuals to enjoy true “weightlessness” without going to space. This is the identical weightless flight experience used by NASA to train its astronauts and by Ron Howard and Tom Hanks to film Apollo-13. ZERO-G offers regular flights for the general public from Las Vegas, Florida and now Moffett Field. The next public zero-gravity flight from Moffett Field will take place July 12, 2008.

Professor Stephen Hawking, Martha Stewart, Joey Fatone, Billy Bush, Burt Rutan, Miles O’Brien, Princess Beatrice of York and cast members of “The Apprentice,” and “The Biggest Loser” are just a few notable passengers who’ve flown with ZERO-G. Numerous astronauts including Buzz Aldrin and Anousheh Ansari also have enjoyed ZERO-G voyages.

Booking Individual Seats and Charter Flights with ZERO-G

The ZERO-G Experience, which includes training led by a professional astronaut, a flight of 15 parabolas, flight suit, complimentary merchandise, awards, a post-event party, photos, and a DVD of the flight, is offered at a price of $3,500 per seat.

ZERO-G flights also may be chartered for private events. To date, private groups and top-tier consumer brands like American Express, Hewlett-Packard, Google and Cadbury Schweppes have chartered ZERO-G flights for friends, families, VIPs, employees, promotional opportunities and more. For the current flight schedule, more information or to book a seat, visit or call 1-800-937-6480.

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