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Project Enterprise Unveils New Website

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
February 17, 2008

Project Enterprise, a European space tourism project, has unveiled its new website. The effort, which aims to begin commercial suborbital flights in 2011, is a collaboration of Talis Institute, Xtreme Air GmbH, VEGA GmbH, and the Swiss Propulsion Laboratory.

The venture will offer thrill seekers 20-minute flights to 120 kilometers for approximately 150,000 euro apiece. The company’s Black Sky vehicle will fly out of a German Airport Magdeburg – Cochstedt. They hope to eventually fly two flights per week with three paying passengers each.

The company’s website is in German. They are still working on the English language section.

2 responses to “Project Enterprise Unveils New Website”

  1. Janos Gerber says:

    The company is now planning to go public. To realise the project they´re offering shares. To my opinion is that a great idea. It´s better to finance a project like this with a private placement, then be in the hand of just one investor. Maybe I´ll buy some shares.

  2. Janos Gerber says:

    The project has given out a new press-release today:

    From the German east into space:
    Computer simulation already showcases what will soon become reality…

    Cochstedt/Morschach 17. September 2008 – The US are renowned for the kind of ideas that seem to be a bit crazy at first sight and then cause a sensation. Space tourism is one typical example for that. But this is exactly the field, where also Germany is just about to make a name for itself. The Cochstedt airfield near Magdeburg in East Germany has been chosen as starting place for a rocket-driven aircraft built to carry its passengers to heights of up to 125 km into suborbital space. Computer simulations already demonstrate the flight properties of what will become a real-world aircraft within the next few months. “We completed the research and development efforts together with our partners and did the feasibility testing using computer analysis techniques – and our first model already delivered perfect wind tunnel results”, said Frank Marco Günzel, Academically Trained Engineer (Dipl.-Ing.) and Member of the Board of Directors of Talis Enterprise AG. The parent company of the German Talis Enterprise GmbH is mainly responsible for the project’s financing.

    “While people in the US already paid more than 18 million US-$ in advance payments for space flights that are so far only planned, we used our own funds to finance a serious project”, stated Dipl.-Ing. Peer Gehrmann, also a Member of the Board of Directors, with a look at the company’s activities over the last few years. The construction of the first prototype “Black Sky” will be the next step – however, this step still requires financing. Almost everybody will have the opportunity to invest in the project: “We will issue shares by the end of October 2008. This is the chance for every interested party to participate in the project”, announced Dipl.-Ing. Frank Marco Günzel. The project will also support a region with a less well-developed infrastructure. Currently, the company is negotiating with the German state of Saxony-Anhalt to purchase a site on the abandoned Cochstedt airfield. The airfield has been rebuilt for several million euros only a few years ago – just to be transferred to the state government after the operating company’s insolvency. Since then, the state as the new owner has been working on a solution for the property.

    “It’s an ideal site, the airfield infrastructure is there, the length of the runways is sufficient for our purposes, and we got enough space for all facilities that will be required”, said Talis Enterprise Member of the Board of Directors Peer Gehrmann. And thus the airfield will be busy again; currently, one can use the fingers of one hand to count the few sporting aircrafts that regularly use the runway. After the full implementation of the project, the airfield will not only host the flight-medical centre where the passengers will undergo extensive medical tests, but also other offers for all space enthusiasts looking to learn more about the exciting world of space tourism.

    Starting from Germany Talis Enterprise will take tourists to suborbital space in the near future. The project that started in 2004 has already completed the simulation phase; the company with its seat at the Cochstedt airfield near Magdeburg in East Germany is planning to offer its first manned space flights in 2013. The aircrafts are developed by specialised rocket engineering companies and a team of experienced engineers and will take passengers to heights of up to 125 kilometres where they will experience several minutes of zero-gravity – more than in any parabolic flight. Everyone is invited to participate in the project as an investor; on the background of a volume of almost 20 million US-$ in advance payments in the US alone, the project offers good investment opportunities.

    Further details: Talis Enterprise GmbH, Bördering 5, 39444 Hecklingen/Cochstedt, phone +49 611 360 8642, e-mail [email protected] E-Mail Adresse ist gegen Spam-Bots geschützt, Sie müssen Javascript aktivieren, damit Sie es sehen können , Web: http://www.talis-enterprise

    Press Relations: euro.marcom /, phone +49 611 973150, e-mail [email protected] E-Mail Adresse ist gegen Spam-Bots geschützt, Sie müssen Javascript aktivieren, damit Sie es sehen können

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