Xplore, Arch Mission Foundation Partner to Fly Arch™ Libraries to Moon, Mars, Venus and Asteroids

Arch Lunar Library (Credit: Arch Mission Foundation)

Arch™ Libraries will fly on Xplore missions beginning in 2021 to cislunar
and interplanetary destinations.

SEATTLE, June 11, 2019 (Xplore/Arch Mission Foundation PR) — Xplore and the Arch Mission Foundation today announced that Xplore spacecraft will host specially designed Arch Libraries on its planned missions to the Moon, Mars, Venus and Near-Earth Asteroids starting in 2021.

“Our civilization’s knowledge is precious. Helping distribute Arch™ Libraries in space is an important way to secure this valuable data. The Xplore team is proud to host the Lunar Library™ payload on our missions,” said Jeff Rich, CEO of Xplore.