Video of Masten’s Xodiac & XaeroB in Action

Video Caption: Introducing the next generation of reusable rockets – Masten’s Xodiac and XaeroB.

As the successors to Xombie, Xoie, and Xaero, these two rockets serve as terrestrial test beds for commercial and government developers. Features of Masten terrestrial test bed include:

  • precision vertical landing
  • custom flight profile
  • rapid iteration
  • custom physical/mechanical integration
  • rocket powered station keeping

Reusable. Repeatable. Precise.

Masten Space Systems reusable launch vehicles are low-altitude, rocket-powered, autonomous Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTVL) testbeds.

Our approach to flight operations is rapid iteration and same day turnaround. We quickly test, evaluate, pivot, and test again.

Leveraging Masten’s vehicles and platform, engineers are able to safely and accurately test their developing space systems in a relevant operational environment before it gets to the Moon, Mars, or anywhere else in the solar system.

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NSRC Day 3 Summary

Test flights will eventually take place on Masten Space Systems' Xaero vehicle. (Credit: Masten Space Systems)
Test flights will eventually take place on Masten Space Systems’ Xaero vehicle. (Credit: Masten Space Systems)

The Next Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference finished up today in Colorado. There were provider presentations from Masten Space Systems and Virgin Galactic. Three researchers also presented results from suborbital microgravity flights.

Below are summaries of the sessions based on Tweets.