Space Activist Vanna Bonta Ashes Launched into Space

Vanna Bonta

The ashes of space activist Vanna Bonta were launched into Earth orbit today on Spaceflight’s SSO-A mission from Vandenberg Air Force Base as part of the Elysium Space Shooting Star II Memorial.

Vanna was a multi-talented creative force and passionate advocate for the New Space community. She was a Space Frontier Foundation Advocate and a founder along with her rocket engineer husband of Team BonNova which competed in the Northrup Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge.

As a film actress she appeared on screen and in voice in over 100 movies. Her novel Flight coined the genre of Quantum Fiction. Several of her volumes of poetry were published in English, Italian, and Japanese. Her haiku to the spacecraft MAVEN was among the top three selected to travel to Mars.

Vanna’s orbiting urn is engraved with the title of her poem “Entanglement in the Continuum” which is also inscribed on her wedding ring. She was featured in the History Channel documentary “Sex in Space” where she tested her invention of the 2Suit with her husband on the zero-G 727 jet G-Force One. Vanna also composed and produced a music video homage to humanity’s quest for flight and space called What Goes Up.

The Elysium Shooting Star II satellite is in sun synchronous orbit and can be tracked at the Elysium web site.

Vanna Bonta – Space Sexologist

I’m sitting here watching an episode of “The Universe” on The History Channel and guess who pops up on the screen but novelist/poet/actress-turned-citizen-of-the-cosmos Vanna Bonta. She’s apparently working on a flight suit that will allow for easier sexual couplings in microgravity.

There’s a segment showing her and husband Allen Newcome testing their 2suit aboard Zero G’s parabolic aircraft. It seemed to work to some degree, but they don’t see to get down…or up….or whatever one calls it in microgravity. Or at least they don’t show anything. It’s definitely a PG-rated program.