U.S.-Turkish Space Cooperation Potentially Fruitful

Over at Commercial Space Gateway, Richard Mains has some thoughts on current and future U.S.-Turkish cooperation in space:

Turkish-Americans from the U.S (and American-owned enterprises) and their science, technology and business counterparts in Turkey have opportunities to collaborate on the high-priority areas identified by “Vision 2023” and their commercialization.


Transparency is Key in U.S., China Relationship in Space

Beijing wants it both ways in space
By Peter J Brown
Asia Times

China has kept the world almost completely in the dark about many of its space activities for far too long. Two years after China conducted its anti-satellite (ASAT) test, fragments of the target, an old Chinese weather satellite, are still out there drifting in space. What is also out there is a lot of lingering doubt and uncertainty about China’s intentions in space.


The U.S. and China: A Space Race, or Miscommunication?

The Space Review’s Jeff Foust has some thoughts about whether there’s a new space race between the United States and China.

“While some people continue to wave a red flag (so to speak) about Chinese intentions in space, others argue that the real problem is not lunar exploration plans or ASAT weapons but rather a fundamental lack of understanding—on both sides of the Pacific,” Foust writes.