Astronauts May Test ‘Star Trek” Style Manufacturing Device on ISS

Device Like ‘Star Trek’ Replicator Might Fly on Space Station

Space explorers have yet to get their hands on the replicator of “Star Trek” to create anything they might require. But NASA has developed a technology that could enable lunar colonists to carry out on-site manufacturing on the moon, or allow future astronauts to create critical spare parts during the long trip to Mars.


Star Trek Exhibit Coming to San Jose

For all my friends in the Bay Area, a special Star Trek exhibit is opening at the Tech Museum of Innovation on Friday. You’ll be able to sit in Captain Kirk’s chair and see all sorts of gadgets and memorabilia from 40 years of the series.

Peeps in Space


Washington, DC’s annual Artomatic show is underway. The free annual showcase of local art is being held on eight floors of an empty office building on Half Street Southeast from now through July 5.

“It’s got everything from soup to nuts, but there’s a lot more nuts than soup,” a friend warned me. Not to be dissauded, I checked it out on Thursday and was pleasantly surprised.

I found one exhibit that I thought was especially brilliant. The Peeps exhibit consists of a series of art pieces that use small marshmallow candies that are usually consumed during at Easter. A number of the pieces had space and aviation themes.


Astronaut to Watch New Star Trek Film in Orbit


Moviegoers likely will sit in crowded theaters to watch the new “Star Trek” movie, which premiered on May 8, but not NASA astronaut Michael Barratt. He will have the opportunity to watch the film aboard the International Space Station, while he and two crewmates fly 220 miles above Earth. The only thing missing will be the popcorn.


Write a Message of Tribute to Gene and Majel Roddenberry

Star Trek Creator Gene Roddenberry
Star Trek Creator Gene Roddenberry

Celestis is offering Star Trek fans the chance to write personal messages of tribute to Gene Roddenberry and his wife Majel.

Fans’ names and messages will be aboard a capsule that will launch a portion of the couple’s ashes into deep space in 2012.

To honor the Star Trek creator and his wife on their voyage to the final frontier, please visit this website.

Celestis is a Texas-based company that offers memorial flights to space. It has launched the ashes of people both famous and not on suborbital flights, orbital voyages, and to the moon.

Cassini’s Carolyn Porco Talks About Saturn, ‘Star Trek XI’, and J.J. Abrams

Cinema Boffin has a fascinating interview with Dr. Carolyn C. Porco, who leads the Imaging Science Team on the NASA/ESA Cassini mission. Dr. Porco talks a lot about her work on Saturn but also about her latest role: serving as a science consultant on J.J. Abrams’ highly anticipated Star Trek film.

Carolyn Porco

Porco said she first met Abrams when he attended a talk that she gave. About seven months later, Abrams called her about getting involved in the Star Trek film as an adviser on science and planetary imagery.

“His secretary called and said, ‘We have J.J. Abrams on the phone to talk to you,’ and I had to say, ‘J.J. who?’,” Porco admitted. “I don’t watch television, I’m not keeping up with it, I’ve never seen Lost….I’m just too busy. I’ve been living on Saturn for the past 14-18 years.

“So anyway, he talks to me and he says, ‘I was at the TED conference, I heard you talk, I was spellbound. I’ve been getting your emails. I’ve been thinking about you and I really felt that I had to reach out to you and involve you in this movie somehow,'” she added.