SSI Offering Gerard K. O’Neill’s The High Frontier & 2081 for Free

SSI President Gary C Hudson shows the evolution of reading… as predicted in the book 2081 (Credit: SSI)

A note from our friends at The Space Studies Institute

We broke the news yesterday for SSI Associates to get their jump start and now it’s open for everyone:

For a limited time The Space Studies Institute is giving away the Kindle editions of Gerard K. O’Neill’s 2081 and The High Frontier for free!

2081, an amazing look at the future rising around us, and The High Frontier, the cornerstone book of the NewSpace generation, are both regularly priced at $6.99 USD but right now they are  online around the planet for free download from the websites and Kindle stores.

For details on 2081, just jump down to the previous SSI Blog post and as for The High Frontier, well, if you haven’t heard of it then it’s time you laid the right foundation in your Space education.


NIAC Funds Advanced Propulsion Projects

Mach Effects for In Space Propulsion: Interstellar Mission. (Credit: Heidi Fearn)

The NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program recently funded six proposals focused on futuristic propulsion systems for missions to Pluto, Venus and other solar systems.

There were four Phase I proposals that are worth approximately $125,000 apiece over nine months. NIAC also funded two Phase II proposals that are worth $500,000 each for two-year investigations.


NIAC Phase I Award: Space Studies Institute Mach Effects Thruster

Mach Effects for In Space Propulsion: Interstellar Mission. (Credit: Heidi Fearn)

Mach Effects for In Space Propulsion: Interstellar Mission
NIAC Phase I Award

Heidi Fearn
Space Studies Institute
Mojave, Calif.

Value: Approximately $125,000
Length of Study: 9 months


We propose to study the implementation of an innovative thrust producing technology for use in NASA missions involving in space main propulsion.

Mach Effect Thruster (MET) propulsion is based on peer-reviewed, technically credible physics. Mach effects are transient variations in the rest masses of objects that simultaneously experience accelerations and internal energy changes.


Space Angels Network Tours SoCal Space Companies

Space Angels trip members watch the firing of an XCOR Lynx thruster. (Credit: Space Angels Network)
Space Angels trip members watch the firing of an XCOR Lynx thruster. (Credit: Space Angels Network)

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – September 29, 2014 (Space Angels PR) – Earlier this month Space Angels Network hosted an exclusive Expedition to Southern California space companies, offering unique insights inside the private space industry. The companies, located in Los Angeles and at the Mojave Air & Spaceport, included SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Masten Aerospace, XCOR Aerospace, Whittinghill Aerospace and Firestar Technologies.


Download Gerard K. O’Neill’s The High Frontier for Free Until Midnight Tonight

The-High-Frontier-88-182x300Gerard K. O’Neill’s classic The High Frontier has now been released as an Amazon Kindle ebook — and you can own it absolutely free!

From Saturday April 20th to Tuesday April 23rd, the Kindle edition of The High Frontier is absolutely free. Just open the Kindle app on your iOS, Android, Windows PC or Mac and type High Frontier in the Kindle store, or get your free Kindle edition directly from the website at .

The High Frontier was a milestone in the work to make the dream of Space Settlement real for everyone. So many lives were changed by this book. Now a new digital generation can learn the needs, the goals and the potentials that Professor O’Neill made so clearly understandable.


Space Access Conference Dates Set

PHOENIX, Jan. 7, 2013 (Space Access Society PR) —
The dates for our next annual conference on the business, technology, and politics of radically cheaper access to space, Space Access ’13, are set. Conference sessions will begin 9 am Thursday April 11th and end 6 pm Saturday April 13th, 2013.


SSI Publishes Proceedings from Space Manufacturing 14 Conference

MOJAVE, Calif. — SSI is pleased to announce the publication of papers from the 14th Space Manufacturing Conference. Thirteen papers from the conference at the NASA Ames Research Center are now available for download at no cost. They cover a broad range of key areas including space transportation, closed environment life support systems, in-situresource utilization, space solar power, and emerging technologies such as 3-D printing.

Please see this page to download papers from Proceedings of Space Manufacturing 14.


Barbecue with Tim Pickens Set for Thursday at Mojave Spaceport

Tim Pickens

BBQ @Mojave Makers w/ Special Guest Tim Pickens
Thursday August 9 6 PM – 8 PM

Presented by Space Studies Institute & Mojave Makers, Building 82, 1347 Barnes St, Mojave, CA 93501

Itinerant inventor, rocket maker and raconteur Tim Pickens is our special guest for this first in a series of informal talks with informed Q & A.

Tim worked in Mojave on SpaceShipOne as the original propulsion lead at Scaled Composites. After a few years, he defected back home to Huntsville, unable to convince his brainy wife and daughter to join him on the space frontier. In Huntsville he started up Orion Propulsion Inc. Now he’s the fearless leader of Huntsville’s Google Lunar X Prize team Rocket City Space Pioneers, and launching his new company, Pickens Innovations. [More at]

Grilling begins at 5:30. BYO anything you want to throw on the grill, or simply enjoy the fine BBQ and cool drinks we provide for you.

RSVPs to and donations to Mojave Makers appreciated, but not required.

John Mankin’s Kickstarter Campaign for Space Solar Power Book

Space Studies Institute Senior Adviser John C. Mankins has launched a KickStarter fund-raising campaign to fund a new high-quality, non-fiction book on space solar power. Mankins, an internationally recognized expert on the subject who is president of Artemis Innovation Management Solutions LLC, is attempting to raise $25,000 by Wednesday, June 27.

A brief summary of the project:

I propose to write and publish a high-quality nonfiction book on the topic of Space Solar Power — harvesting solar energy in space and delivering it via wireless power transmission to Earth as clean, affordable and sustainable electricity. The book would be intended for general and expert audiences, and depending on the pledge amount would be provided along with various additional information and items, including one or more videos. It would comprise technical, historical and policy related details, and would summarize the latest news in this unique field, including a transformational new SPS advanced concept: “SPS-ALPHA”. (At present, it is planned to be entitled “Space Solar Power & the SPS-ALPHA Concept,” although this may change…)

Please give what you can to help John reach his goal. Click here to donate. Time is short. Donate today.

LA Space Salon Video: Lee Valentine on Space Settlement

February LA Space Salon

VCAPTION: Lost in space? Don’t worry, Dr. Lee Valentine has the map. A champion of commercial space exploration for over three decades and director of the Space Studies Institute, Lee has helped shape policy and programs advancing the cause of permanent manned settlement.

Lee will be speaking with us about his unique and powerful perspective, about a future in space not tethered to any planet, about drinking deeply of the sun and devouring whole asteroids. He will help us plot a course forward, onward and upward. The vision, as he puts it, is to “Mine the Sky, Defend the Earth, Settle the Universe”. And to further inspire – Lee manages to do all of this while saving lives every day as an emergency room doctor.

Mojave Makers Gets Lease, Sets April 10 for Open House

Building 82, future home of the Mojave Makers. (Credit: Douglas Messier)

by Douglas Messier
Parabolic Arc Managing Editor

On Tuesday, the East Kern Airport District board approved a lease with the Space Studies Institute for a storage building at the Mojave Air and Space Port that is being renovated into a maker space. SSI is serving as the lessee until the Mojave Makers, a group composed of employees of different airport tenants, can obtain its 501(c)3 non-profit status.


A Message from New SSI CEO Gary Hudson

Dear Senior Associates and Friends of SSI,

SSI has a long history and a solid legacy, based on the vision of Professor Gerard K. O’Neill and his colleagues. With over a dozen SSI conferences completed, along with research into a number of technologies important for space settlement, the Institute is well positioned to play an important role as a key primary international entity that will create the ways and means of true space settlement. This is an appropriate goal to honor Professor O’Neill’s vision.


NewSpace Pioneer Gary Hudson Appointed Space Studies Institute CEO

A note from Space Studies Institute Chairman Lee Valentine:

SSI’s distinguished board of Senior Advisers continues to expand, and increasingly plays a strong role in deciding our future direction. After a meeting of Senior Advisers and Professor Dyson in July 2011, we decided to restructure SSI’s dual Board of Governors and Board of Directors to a single, smaller and more active Board of Trustees.

On December 16, 2011, the Board of Governing Members adopted new by-laws to accomplish that goal, and elected three Trustees: Professor Freeman Dyson, Gary C Hudson and myself. I continue as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Gary was elected to serve as President and CEO.

The full message is reproduced after the break.


Video: Space Manufacturing Conference “Extraterrestrial Prospecting” Session

A video of the “Extraterrestrial Prospecting” session held during the SSI Space Manufacturing 14 conference at NASA Ames Conference Center in October. Presenters discussed remote techniques for assaying and utilizing Near Earth Object resources.

Session Chair: Professor Michael F. A’Hearn

Water vs. Rocks: Resources for Earth or for Exploration?
Prof. Michael A’Hearn, University of Maryland, Department of Astronomy

Mining Methods for Asteroid Utilization
Brad Blair, Space Studies Institute, and Prof. Leslie Gertsch, University of Missouri-Rolla

Mining Concepts Development for Accessing Asteroid Resources

Mark Sonter, Asteroid Enterprises Pty Ltd

Resources from Asteroids: What We Can Expect From What We Know Now
Dr. Faith Vilas, University of Arizona, Department of Astronomy and Steward Observatory

A full archive of videos is located here.

View the archive of PowerPoint presentations given during the conference here.