Space Miles® to Launch Suborbital Spaceflight Competitions

Space Miles Press Release

Space Miles, through their sub-brand The Space Shuffle® are soon to launch continuous online competitions to win sub-orbital space flights.

The format of The Space Shuffle online competition will be to answer three questions and the winner will be the first correct entry chosen at random when the trigger point of 45,000 entries has been reached.

Competitions will start when sub-orbital flights are generally available to the public. Tickets will be $10 but pre-registrants will get 20% discount on their first five entries.


Suborbital Space Lottery to be Offered

Don’t have $200,000 to pluck down for five minutes of suborbital weightless bliss? No worries. You might be able to get there for mere $25. If you’re very, very, very lucky.

An Isle of Man-based Space Miles (IOM) Ltd. has announced what appears to be the first space lottery. The Space Shuffle will allow contestants to win suborbital tourist flights, zero gravity trips, and other prizes.

“The Space Shuffle Lottery will be offering an ongoing continuous series of Space Flight Excursion Tickets as prizes at the affordable entry price of $25.00,” according to the company’s press release. “We hope a whole series of Lucky Winners will earn their Astronaut Wings and personally contribute to mankind’s greatest adventure.”

The lottery will not begin operation for several months. It is not affiliated with Vrigin Galactic or any other company offering space tourism flights.