Two New Space TV Shows in Development

Two new space shows – one a drama, the other a comedy — are now in development.

Ronald D. Moore – he of “Battlestar Galactic” and “Star Trek” fame – has gotten an order from Apple to produce a new drama series that imagines a world in which the global space race of the 1960’s never ended.

Yes, Apple has now gotten into producing TV series.  No, I don’t know if this means we all have to buy one of their over priced devices to see the show.

Meanwhile, Bill Lawrence will write and executive produce “Spaced Out,” a multi-camera workplace ensemble comedy set in the world of commercial space travel. He is developing the series for CBS.

Lawrence had been executive producer of the project when it went to pilot at NBC as a single-camera show.  The network did not pick the pilot up as a series.

Lawence created “Scrubs” and co-created “Spin City” and ‘Cougar Town.” He also served as an executive producer on “Undateable” and the upcoming CW series “Life Sentence.”

If Lawrence wanted to make the show as a dark comedy, he could set it at a company that’s perpetually 18 months away from flying people into space owned by a jet-setting, publicity-obsessed billionaire who is always giving the staff migraines with his wildly optimistic and perpetually inaccurate pronouncements.

Alas, that’s probably a bit too on the nose….