Northrop Grumman Announces Expansion on Florida Space Coast

(Florida Space Coast EDC PR) – The Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast is pleased to announce that Northrop Grumman Corporation has selected Brevard County for a significant expansion that could add 1,800 jobs at full program capacity at an average annual salary of $100,000.

The project, known as Project Magellan throughout the due diligence phase, is the largest economic development project in the country in terms of job creation numbers and average wage associated with employment. Northrop Grumman plans to invest approximately $500 million in new capital investments at the Melbourne International Airport.


Update on Florida Legislative Space Initiatives

Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center
Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center

The good folks at the Florida Space Development Council have provided this handy update on the fates of space initiatives during the current legislative session. It looks like it’s been a good session overall, with most objectives achieved. All approved measures are subject to veto by Gov. Rick Scott.

Space Florida Ops Budget ($10 Million)Funded at $14.5M in House/Senate conference budgetFunded at $14.5M in Senate/House conference budgetKeep Space Florida budget at same level as 2013. $4M in recurring base budget, $6M in nonrecurring funds.
Qualified Targeted Industry (QTI) Incentive Carry-ForwardHB-1209 bill died in committeeSB-1422 bill died in committeeAllows more than one year for QTI recipients (including aerospace firms) to use tax credit allowance, or sell credits to other firms.
Space Industry Tourism Funding ($1.5M)Fully funded within Space Florida ops budgetFully funded within Space Florida ops budgetRecurring budget item (from 2013) to support tourism attractions and space tourism flight business. Included in base budget.
Space Florida Financing/Investment Fund ($7M)Funded at $5M in House/Senate conference budgetFunded at $5M in Senate/House conference budget$2M less than in 2013. Funding for financing deals for aerospace
expansion projects. Half can be used for infrastructure projects.
Space Transportation Infrastructure Funding ($20M)$20M is in FDOT annual work program through 2018$20M is in FDOT annual work program through 2018Continued funding within FDOT budget for “TIP” program. $15M minimum is included in FDOT budget allocation.
Israel Joint Aerospace Development ($1M)Fully funded within Space Florida ops budgetFully funded within Space Florida ops budgetContinued funding of joint aerospace projects with Space Florida and Israel. Included in Gov’s budget request.
Shuttle Landing Facility
Transition ($2.5M)
Allowed in Financing/
Investment Fund line (above)
Allowed in Financing/
Investment Fund line (above)
Funding to transition/promote SLF for new commercial and govt users. $2.5M/year for two years suggested by some legislators.
Cecil Field Spaceport Infrastructure ($2M)Added to Space Florida ops budgetAdded to Space Florida ops budgetFunding for Cecil Field spaceport infrastructure. Added to budget in conference committee.
Quick Response Training (QRT) Incentive ($12M)Fully funded in House budget
Fully funded in Senate budget proposalMaintaining 2013 funding level for this workforce training incentive managed by Workforce Florida. Included in Gov’s budget request.
STEM Workforce Training ($30M)Did not happenDid not happenSTEM scholarships to state colleges and vocational schools. Maybe added as proviso language to budget later in session.
Embry-Riddle high school aerospace academies ($1M)Funded at $3M in House/Senate conference budgetFunded at $3M in House/Senate conference budgetRecurring budget item to support/expand network of high school aerospace academies in Florida.
Florida Tech space transportation research ($500K)Added to Space Florida ops budgetAdded to Space Florida ops budgetNew funding request for research on “efficient commercial space transportation system.” A larger request was vetoed last year.

Space Coast EDC Receives Grant to Improve Commercial Flight Safety

edc_logo“The EDC’s Defense Infrastructure Grant, secured with support from Space Florida and clearance from the U.S. Air Force, will enable the design and integration of next-generation commercial flight safety infrastructure at the Cape required to support unmanned aerial systems as well as the launch and re-entry of a full spectrum of spacecraft.”

Read the full press release after the break.


An Update on Space-Related Legislation in Florida

Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center
Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center

May 6, 2013 (FSDC PR) – Amid increasing competition from other states and nations for space-related economic development, the Florida Legislature stepped up yet again to expand and diversify the state’s aerospace industry. In total, the Legislature approved over $43 million in space-related investments for the 2013-2014 fiscal year.

“The Florida Space Development Council appreciates the Legislature’s dedication to positioning our state for an exciting future of space exploration and enterprise,” said FSDC President Laura Seward. “We especially want to thank those legislators who led the charge on specific initiatives, like Rep. Steve Crisafulli, Sen. Andy Gardiner, Sen. Dorothy Hukill, Sen. Thad Altman, Rep. Will Weatherford, Sen. Don Gaetz, and Rep. Debbie Mayfield.”


Florida Space Development Council Backs Spending Priorities

Florida Gov. Rick Scott
Florida Gov. Rick Scott

May 13, 2013

The Honorable Rick Scott
Governor of Florida
The Capitol Building, PL-05
300 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32301

Dear Governor Scott:

The Florida Space Development Council (FSDC), a statewide membership organization affiliated with the National Space Society, was recently formed to provide grassroots advocacy for policies we believe will support the continued development and diversification of Florida’s aerospace industry.


Florida Space Coast Gets Boost With Northrop Grumman Consolidation

Brevard County, Fla., EDC PR
(March 4, 2013) – The Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast (EDC) is pleased to announce that Northrop Grumman intends to expand its presence on the Space Coast and add more than 900 jobs, including hundreds of engineering positions.

As part of consolidation within its Aerospace Systems sector, Northrop Grumman today announced plans to open a Manned Aircraft Design Center of Excellence in Melbourne, which will include aircraft design work currently being performed at the company’s Bethpage, N.Y., facility. The company will also establish an Aircraft Integration Center of Excellence in St. Augustine.


Florida Space Coast Getting $124 Million Boost

Florida Gov. Rick Scott

The Florida Space Coast, hard hit by the economic meltdown and the end of the space shuttle program, got a couple of big shots in the arm on Wednesday as officials broke ground on two technology centers.

Gov. Rick Scott was on hand for groundbreaking ceremonies for the new $24 million Embraer Engineering and Technology Center USA at Melbourne International Airport. The governor also attended the groundbreaking on $100 million Harris Technology Center in nearby Palm Bay. Both projects represent expansions of existing operations in those locations backed by the financial support of state and local governments.


U.S. Navy, Florida Break Ground on New Missile Test Facility on Cape Canaveral

Florida Gov. Rick Scott

Cape Canaveral, FL, November 8, 2012 (Space Florida PR) –Today, the U.S. Navy, Florida Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll, Space Florida, and the Economic Development Commission (EDC) of Florida’s Space Coast – broke ground on the new Strategic Weapons System Ashore (SWS Ashore) facility at Cape Canaveral AFS. Space Florida and the EDC anticipate 100 jobs may be created within three years as a result of the project, with average annual salaries of $90,000 and approximately 85% of the projected workforce from civilian contractors, including former Space Shuttle workers sourced locally.

Governor Rick Scott said, “Florida has a uniquely skilled workforce for aerospace research and development projects – and I’m proud to see this community will be the centerpiece of this project. I’ve made job creation my number one priority, and while our work isn’t done this is a step in the right direction.”


Embraer Announces Major Expansion on Florida Space Coast

Florida Gov. Rick Scott

Melbourne, FL (Space Florida PR — March 21, 2012) – Today Governor Rick Scott announced that Embraer, a Brazil-based aircraft manufacturer focused on commercial, defense, and executive aviation, is expanding its operations at Melbourne International Airport. The company will be adding a new research and development facility – The Embraer Engineering and Technology Center USA – and 200 new engineering jobs with average salaries of $70,000, in the near term. At least 40 new jobs are anticipated in 2012.

The announcement was made today at the Melbourne Hilton Rialto. Governor Rick Scott was joined by Senator Mike Haridopolos, Melbourne City Mayor Harry Goode, and executives from Embraer, Enterprise Florida, Space Florida and the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast.

Florida Governor to Announce “Significant” Space Coast Business Expansion

Florida Gov. Rick Scott



Significant Near-Term Employment Anticipated

The Honorable Rick Scott, Governor of Florida
Hon. Mike Haridopolos, Florida Senate President
Gray Swoope, Secretary of Commerce, State of Florida and President & CEO, Enterprise Florida, Inc.
Frank DiBello, President & CEO, Space Florida
Hon. Harry Goode, Mayor, City of Melbourne
Lynda Weatherman, President & CEO, Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast

Announcement of the expansion of an established, Melbourne-based company resulting from an ongoing partnership between Enterprise Florida, Space Florida and the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast. In addition to business facility expansion, it is anticipated that this Melbourne-based company’s growth will result in significant job creation in the near term.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
1:30 – 2:30 p.m.
(Please note: attendance is by “invitation only”)

Hilton Melbourne Rialto Place
200 Rialto Place
Rialto Ballroom “C”
Melbourne, FL 32901

Video: Florida Gov. Scott Signs Space Transportation Bill

Video Caption: Gov. Rick Scott signed the Senate Bill 634 Thursday, which is expected to make it easier for Space Florida to access state and federal transportation money to improve launch facilities.

Scott held a ceremony in his Capitol office for the signing, the first bill to be signed this year, with sponsors Sen. Lizbeth Benacquisto, R-Fort Myers, and Rep. Ritch Workman, R-Melbourne, and Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll, who also serves as chair of Space Florida.

Space Florida Praises Consolidation of Economic Development Activities

Gov. Rick Scott

Gov. Rick Scott’s effort to consolidate the Sunshine State’s economic development bodies has won praise from Space Florida President Frank DiBello, who said in a statement:

“Space Florida congratulates Governor Rick Scott on the economic development reorganization he signed into law today (SB 2156). We are fully supportive of his efforts to streamline the State’s abilities to attract and expand technology-related businesses. Space Florida believes this reorganization will help to ensure that Florida maintains a business-friendly environment, which will ultimately help the state’s space industry as it prepares for next generation commercial, civil and defense space initiatives.”


Florida Commits $43 Million in Cash and Credits to Aerospace Industry

SPACE FLORIDA PR — Aerospace-related economic development played a significant role in the 2011 Florida Legislative Session, with more than $43 million being committed for growth of the industry in the coming year. Governor Rick Scott laid out an aggressive plan, not only for Florida’s overall economy, but for Florida’s space industry in particular, and that plan was formalized through the Legislature.


Space Florida Gets Budget Agreement

Florida Gov. Rick Scott and the Legislature have reached an agreement that will give Space Florida a $10 million budget and access to millions in seed funds while placing it within a larger development organization:

Space Florida, the public-private economic development arm, would remain a separate entity with the power to issue tax-free bonds, but it would answer to the board of directors of Enterprise Florida, the statewide economic development agency. Enterprise Florida would be headed by a secretary of commerce appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate…


Space Florida Resists Organizational Changes

Space Florida balks at Scott’s funding plan
Florida Today

A plan to consolidate the budgets of Florida’s economic development and job creation agencies and give greater funding authority to Gov. Rick Scott has the president of Space Florida worried about his agency’s ability to lure business and employment to Brevard County.