South Korea to Boost Military and Civil Space Spending, Transfer Satellite and Launch Vehicle Technology to Private Sector

Test model of the Nuri (KSLV-II) booster. (Credit: Ministry of Science and ICT)

by Douglas Messier
Managing Editor

South Korea plans to invest more than $14.25 billion over the next decade to improve its military and civil space capabilities. The Republic of Korea will transfer satellite and launch vehicle technology to the private sector to boost the nation’s domestic capabilities and improve its international competitiveness. The nation is also deepening defense and civil space cooperation with the United States.


South Korea Successfully Launches Suborbital Rocket

Video Caption: On November 28th 16:00 KST, South Korea’s rocket “KSLV-II TLV” was launched to the sky. The purpose of the TLV was to qualify the 75tonf engine ‘KRE-075’, which will be used in the KSLV-II “NURI” orbital launch vehicle.

TLV, a suborbital rocket, burned its fuel for 151 seconds (goal was 140 secondes) and passed its apogee(209.1km), then fell to the sea. The launch was finally confirmed “SUCCESS”. This will be a important milestone of the KSLV-II(Korean Space Launch Vehicle) “NURI” development. (KSLV-II “NURI” will launch in 2021)