NewSpace Conference Headed for Seattle in 2016

sff_logoSAN JOSE, Calif., July 17, 2015 (SFF PR) — The Space Frontier Foundation, the Washington State Space Coalition and the Washington State Department of Commerce, announced today that the annual NewSpace conference, previously held in Silicon Valley for the past nine years, will move to Seattle, Wash. in 2016 for the first time since its inception in 2006. Going forward, the conference will alternate between Silicon Valley and Seattle. Specific dates and details of the 2016 conference, including its founding sponsors in the Seattle area, will be announced in the coming months.

“From the early days of the space age, companies like Boeing and Rocket Research have played an important role in the development of space vehicles and systems here in Washington state,” said Washington Governor, Jay Inslee. “Rocket Research, now Aerojet Rocketdyne, along with innovative companies like Blue Origin, Planetary Resources, SpaceFlight Industries and dozens of others are benefiting from Washington’s unique blend of aerospace know-how and computer science brain power to catalyze an exciting cluster of space industry innovation in the state.”


“The Martian” Author Andy Wier Wins SFF Award

the_martian_movie_posterSILICON VALLEY, CA, June 30, 2015 (SFF PR) — The Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) will host its 10th annual NewSpace conference in San Jose, CA, this July, where author Andy Weir will accept the “Best Presentation of Space” award for his bestselling book, “The Martian”, published by Broadway Books.

The movie adaption of Weir’s book, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig and Jeff Daniels, is scheduled to debut on October 2, 2015. Weir will be presented with the award at the NewSpace Awards Gala taking place on the evening of July 18th.

“It truly is the best thing a writer could hope for,” said Andy Weir, “The Martian” author. “And it’s especially great to be able to bring excitement around space exploration to the general public. This is a defining decade in the U.S. Space Program’s history, where commercialization is being nurtured and great strides are being made to get humans back into space. Mars is hard, space is hard, but we can make it work with the unwavering determination to explore that humanity is known for.”


SV Gets All Spacy This Weekend

Silicon Valley will be hosting not one but two — you heard that right, TWO — space events this weekend that are overlapping with each other.

The Space Frontier Foundation kicks off its annual NewSpace Conference on Thursday at the Double Tree San Jose. If you like commercial space and lots of panel discussions, this is the conference for you. It’s got plenty of both. And remember, the most important part is not necessarily all the gabbing in the room but the space deals being done in the hallways.

Learn more here

On Friday evening, Startup Weekend: Space gets underway, also at the Double Tree. The event, which features pitches for space-related businesses, moves to the Plug & Play Center in Sunnyvale for Saturday and Sunday.

The startup weekend is being sponsored by the Space Frontier Foundation. There is a 50 percent discount on the NewSpace conference for those who sign up for both events.

Learn more here

This Week on The Space Show…Me!

I’m on The Space Show this evening. Here’s the schedule for the week:

1. SPECIAL TIME: Monday, June 16,2014: 7-8:30 PM PDT (10-11:30 PM EDT, 9-10:30 PM CDT): DOUG MESSIER of returns for Virgin Galactic and space news updates with us.

2. Tuesday, June 17, 2014:, 7-8:30 PM PDT (10-11:30 PM EDT, 9-10:30 PM CDT): We welcome both AARON OSTERLE & SARA JENNINGS to discuss the upcoming NewSpace 2014 Conference with us. Please see for more information on the conference event.

3. SPECIAL SHOW AND TIME: Wednesday, June 18, 2014, 2-3:30 PM PDT (5-6:30 PM EDT; 4-5:30 PM CDT): We welcome back DR. PAUL SPUDIS who will discuss his perspectives regarding the NRC Human Spaceflight Study. For more information, visit Paul’s blog at NOTE THAT THIS SHOW WILL ARCHIVE ON FRIDAY DUE TO MY TRAVEL SCHEDULE. WHEN YOU SEE IT ON TSS WEBSITE AND BLOG ON FRIDAY, JUNE 20, IT WILL BE READY FOR PLAY.

4. Sunday, June 22, 2014, 12-1:30 PM PDT (3-4:30 PM EDT, 2-3:30 PM CDT). There will be no show today due to my travel schedule.

NewSpace 2014 to Feature Entrepreneurial Pitch Competition

sff_logoSILICON VALLEY, CA (SFF PR) — The Space Frontier Foundation and the NewSpace Business Plan Competition are thrilled to announce a new type of entrepreneurial competition for 2014. This year, the NewSpace Business Plan Competition, along with ATK and the Heinlein Prize Trust, will be co-sponsoring a “Lightning Pitch” event during the Space Frontier Foundation’s annual NewSpace Conference. The sponsors will award over $20,000 in cash prizes for the top contestants.

“This novel event, that is somewhere between an Elevator Pitch Competition and a customary Business Plan Competition, offers an exciting new way to reward entrepreneurial space companies while providing an engaging and fast-paced event for spectators,” said NewSpace BPC Project Manager, Thomas A. Olson. “Holding this competition in conjunction with the NewSpace Conference also gives start-up companies an unparalleled opportunity to network and interact with some of the top companies, investors and scientists in the space community.”


New SF Bay Area Group Focused on Commercial Space

A new San Francisco Bay Area entrepreneurial group called Space Satellite Startups will hold an introductory meeting next Wednesday.

Space Satellite Startups
Wednesday, September 25, 2013
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Signup to Attend

Let’s kick off our Meetup group with getting to know what is happening in the space startup business in the Bay Area.

We now have confirmed speakers:

  • The host of the evening will be provided by yours truly, Pavel Machalek.
  • Robbie Schingler, co-founder of  Planet-Labs , will speak about what it takes to found a space startup and put satellites into orbit.
  • Traci Parker a fellow Space Startups member will discuss the news from from the recent NewSpace conference

We will have ample time for questions and followup discussions.

We will go for drinks afterwards at the District 216 Townsend St, San Francisco, CA 94107 a few blocks away at from the venue.

Spacevidcast to Live Stream NewSpace 2013 Conference

sff_logoSilicon Valley, CA (SFF PR) — You don’t want to miss the networking and business opportunities at the industry event of the year, but for those who cannot make it in person to the NewSpace 2013 Conference, you can still catch the programming on our live stream at You can even submit questions for the panelists by emailing or texting 408-461-8159. NewSpace 2013 takes place July 25-27 in Silicon Valley, CA.

All panels will be streamed live from 8:00 am on Thursday, July 25 through the end of the conference at 5:30 pm Saturday, July 27. Pacific Time. The Space Frontier Foundation is grateful to the Spacevidcast team for continuing to make the NewSpace Conference available to all around the world.


Bay Area space fans along with conference attendees are invited to our #NewSpaceTweetup at the conference venue, the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Jose at 6pm. Expect legos, prizes, and a chance to mingle with fellow space enthusiasts. Hosted by the Space Frontier Foundation, this fun event is free and open to public (donations welcome!) For the latest news, follow @NewSpaceTweetup!

About Spacevidcast:

Spacevidcast is a community of people looking to educate the planet on the values of space flight. Their goal is to open up the cosmos and truly make space commonplace for everyone. They are a new media site with daily on-demand episodes, weekly live shows and live HD coverage of major space events.

Register before 7/23 for discounted rates at

Editor’s Note: Well, this is good news for anyone who can’t make the conference this year. I even considered not going myself and just watching the whole thing from home. Then I looked outside and remembered where home is these days. I’m in the middle of the Mojave Desert, my backyard is nothing but dirt, and it’s mid-summer.

This Week on The Space Show

This week on The Space Show with Dr. David Livingston:

1. Monday, June 24, 2013: 2-3:30 PM PDT (5-6:30 PM EDT, 4-5:30 PM CDT): We welcome SARA MESCHBERGER to discuss the upcoming NewSpace 2013 Conference (

2. Tuesday, June 25, 2013, 7-8:30 PM PDT (10-11:30 PM EDT, 9-10:30 PM CDT): RAND SIMBERG RETURNS to discuss his newly completed book, “Safe Is Not An Option.”

3. Wednesday, June 26, 2013, 9:30-10:30 AM PDT (12:30-1:30 PM EDT, 11:30 AM-12:30 PM CDT): This is a one our discussion on the Teachers In Space SFF program Space Medicine Workshop at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU). Guests will be Dr. Jason Kring, Elizabeth Kennick, Bob Werb, and Rebecca Zgorski.

4. Friday, June 28, 2013:, 9:30-11AM PDT (12:30-2 PM EDT, 11:30 AM-1 PM CDT). We welcome back retired astronaut JERRY CARR to discuss the 40th anniversary of Skylab and the Astronaut Scholarship Organization.

5. Sunday, June 30, 2013, 12-1:30 PM PDT, (3-4:30 PM EDT, 2-3:30 PM CDT). OPEN LINES discussion. All space and STEM topics welcome. First time callers welcome. Please be succinct, to the point, and let’s make room for everyone who wants to call. Listeners, remember, we have only one toll free line. If the line is busy, please keep trying.

NewSpace 2012: NASA Leadership Roundtable

NewSpace 2012 Conference
NASA Leadership Roundtable

  • Rebecca Keiser (Moderator) — Associate Deputy Administrator for Strategy and Policy, NASA
  • Robert Cabana — Director, NASA Kennedy Space Center
  • Ramon Lugo — Director, NASA Glenn Research Center
  • Ellen Ochoa — Deputy Director, NASA Johnson Space Center
  • Pete Worden — Director, NASA Ames Research Center


A Busy Summer Upcoming for Ames: ISU, NewSpace and a Singularity

NASA’s Ames Research Center is preparing for a busy summer next year. Preparations are underway for the center to host the International Space University’s annual summer session. The Strasbourg-based school will bring together 100-125 students from throughout the world for a nine-week interdisciplinary space studies program. This session will mark the first time that it will be hosted at a NASA facility.

Now comes word that the Space Frontier Foundation will hold its annual NewSpace conference at Ames from July 17-20. During the event, the foundation will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

In addition, Ames is set to host the inaugural session of the new Singularity University. The school, which was announced by ISU Founder Peter Diamandis last month at the Singularity Summit in San Jose, CA, will undertake studies of….um….I don’t really know.