PLD Space Completes Successful Drop Test of MIURA 5 First Stage Demonstrator

a Chinook CH-47 takes off with a MIURA 5 first stage demonstrator. (Credit: PLD Space)

ELCHE, Spain (PLD Space) – PLD Space has taken an important step forward in their attempt to develop a European reusable launcher. This morning, the recovery drop test of the first stage of the MIURA 5 rocket was carried out from El Arenosillo Experimentation Center (CEDEA), of INTA (Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial).

This operation, an essential part of the campaign to develop future launchers (FLPP) of the European Space Agency (ESA), serves the purpose of validating the recovery system of MIURA 5-PLD Space’s first private reusable orbital launcher. The drop test has been carried out successfully on April 11, 2019, which places PLD Space in a good position for the further development of this reusable orbital launcher thatwill allow space access services for small satellites.


Winning Ideas for New European Space Transport Services

Spain’s PLD Space, Miura 5 microlauncher (formerly Arion 2) aims to provide dedicated launches for an emerging small satellites market in 2021.
 (Credit: PLD Space)

PARIS (ESA PR) — Imagine moving satellites to higher orbits, collecting space debris, and dedicated launches for small satellites. These are the winning entries of ESA’s call for ideas on new commercial space transportation services.

This campaign aimed to foster open innovation and offer encouragement to those with new ideas within the privately-funded space sector.