Second Las Cruces Space Festival Begins on April 7

LAS CRUCES, NM (Las Cruces PR)  — The Las Cruces Space Festival launches for a second year at Spaceport America on April 7th. The Festival promises to ‘make space for everyone,’ providing free activities for people of all ages and interests throughout the week-long Festival.

The Festival will launch at Spaceport America with an ‘Open House.’ There will be fly-ins from 40 aircraft, and an opportunity to meet the teams working at Spaceport America.


Plans Set for Las Cruces Space Festival

LAS CRUCES, NM, Feb. 27, 2018 (Las Cruces Space Festival PR) — It’s time to have fun and enjoy the accomplishments and importance of space in Las Cruces and the surrounding community. To celebrate all things space, volunteers have come together to create New Mexico’s first ever Space Festival. It will take place over three days and nights, April 12th to 14th, across three locations. The theme is “Making Space for Everyone.”

The festival kicks off on April 12th – the day of “Celebration.” On this day, events will be geared toward children and families in celebration of the anniversary of human space flight. Yuri’s Night, which has been celebrated worldwide since 2001, marks the date when the then USSR launched Yuri Gagarin into a single orbit around the Earth in 1961.  Events will take place on the New Mexico State University campus, including an evening event organized for youth by NMSU’s Women in STEM (WiSTEM) group, a mobile planetarium in which people can experience and learn about the night sky, and a Tech Center featuring a flight simulation specifically tailored to space travel. There will also be educational NMSU Space Talks and stargazing. Las Cruces Public Schools are also planning events earlier in the week.


Hey Las Cruces, Get Ready for Spacestock!

Las Cruces is throwing itself a space party this year, the Las Cruces Sun-News reports.

Organizers say the first edition of the Las Cruces Space Festival, to be held April 12 and 14, will be a small affair and they hope it will grow over the years. The idea is to showcase the region’s aerospace industry, show people what has been accomplished in southern New Mexico and encourage new generations of Las Crucens to enter the growing aerospace field.

The date, April 12, was selected to coincide with the anniversary of human space flight, when the USSR launched Yuri Gagarin into a single orbit around the earth in 1961.

“The intent of the festival is to celebrate what we already do in space, not worry about what’s coming,” said Pat Hynes, director of the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium at New Mexico State University.

Hynes said plans are still developing, but events will allow the public to learn about space-related activity in the region. On Saturday, April 14, various activities will be set up around the Plaza de Las Cruces which may include informational booths, a possible space-related movie at the Rio Grande Theatre and other activities.