Voyager Space Subsidiary, Altius Space Machines, Inc. Announces Patrick Loner as New Chief Executive Officer

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Space robotics and technology company taps seasoned business development and space industry executive to lead organization

DENVER, Sept. 1, 2021 (Voyager Space PR) — Voyager Space (Voyager), a global leader in space exploration, today announced its subsidiary, Altius Space Machines, Inc. (Altius), has appointed Patrick Loner as the company’s new chief executive officer. Loner will be taking over the role from founder and former CEO Jon Goff, who will be transitioning to his new position as vice president of on-orbit servicing at Voyager Space.

As CEO, Loner will oversee and manage the development of Altius’ technologies and help to continue to build momentum for the organization, while Goff will focus on Voyager’s vision for on-orbit servicing and space logistics, including technology development and future M&A activity. Part of this growing momentum for the company includes Altius’ most recent announcement that it was selected by Eta Space to provide a cryogenic coupler for liquid oxygen (LOX) transfer in support of its planned nine-month LOXSAT cryogenic fluid management mission.


Voyager Space Holdings, Inc. Announces Intent to Acquire Altius Space Machines, Inc.

DENVER, Oct. 23, 2019( Voyager Space Holidings PR) — Voyager Space Holdings, Inc. (Voyager), the first space focused holding company in the world, today announced its intent to acquireAltius Space Machines, Inc., subject to customary closing conditions. Altius Space Machines will be the first company to be acquired by Voyager since the firm launched as the first vertically integrated NewSpace holding company. Voyager’s first in industry model is uniquely tailored to support the growth needs of commercial space companies by offering an alternative solution to traditional private capital models, replacing them with a longer-term approach as a provider of permanent capital.


Altius Space Machines DogTags Project Selected for NASA Funding

We’ve all heard of dogtags for dogs and for soldiers. But, for space robots?

That’s what Jonathan Goff’s Altius Space Machines will begin developing with NASA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I funding. The contract is worth $125,000 over six months.

Altius’s dogtags are lightweight, passive robotic interfaces that could be attached to habitat structures and objects. Examples of structures include human-tended deep space habitats and commercial manufacturing facilities in Easrth orbit that wouldn’t be permanently staffed.


Altius Space Machines Technology Selected for SBIR Phase II Funding

NASA has selected an in-space cryogenic fluids project by Jon Goff’s Altius Space Machines for negotiations on a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II. These contract is worth up to $750,000 over two years.

“While all cryogenic rocket stages have to have a propellant fill/drain coupling for loading propellant on the ground, existing designs are not capable of in-space refuelability,” Goff said in his proposal.  “A dual-purpose coupler that could be used for both ground fill/drain and for in-space refueling would be extremely valuable.


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Altius Space Machines Wins DARPA ZombieSat Contract

Phoenix satellite concept. (Credit: DARPA)

Louisville, CO, July 30th, 2012 (Altius PR) — Altius Space Machines of Louisville, CO is delighted to announce that we have signed a contract with DARPA to provide engineering services as part of the DARPA Phoenix Program. Associated with Altius Space Machines in this contract is ROCCOR LLC. of Louisville, CO., Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation of Pasadena, CA, and The University of Colorado at Boulder, CO.


Altius Space Machines Snags Investment

Congratulations are in order for Jon Goff. His start-up, Altius Space Machines, has snagged a round of investment.

Joe Landon of the Space Angels Network made an announcement about the funding during a presentation this morning at the International Space Development Conference in Huntsville. The group helps connect entrepreneurs with investors who fund early-stage start-ups.

Details of the investment are set to be announced shortly in a press release.

Goff founded Altius after leaving Masten Space Systems. The company is working on “sticky boom,” which is a new system for rendezvous and docking in space that can be used for Mars sample return missions, orbital debris removal, and other activities. NASA awarded Altius a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award to develop the technology.

Video: Micro-G Test of “Sticky Boom” Docking Tech

Video Caption: This video is the first Zero-G flight test of Altius Space Machine’s Electroadhesive “Sticky Boom” rendezvous and docking technology. This test was carried out by Altius engineer Mike Judson and Altius CEO Jonathan Goff on May 14th 2011, on a parabolic aircraft flight run by the Zero Gravity Corporation.


Space Access ’11: Altius Space’s Jon Goff

Jon Goff
Altius Space Machines


  • Founding member of Masten Space Systems
  • Branched out on his own last year
  • Aimed at profitably developing key space technologies
  • Bootstrapping via contract engineering, but standing-up a products focused company


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Goff’s Altius Space Machines Snags NASA SBIR Award for Mars Sample Return System

NASA recently announced that it would be conducting contract negotiations for 350 projects under its SBIR and STTR programs, which are aimed at promoting space technology development by small businesses. Parabolic Arc will be looking at a number of the proposals involving NewSpace companies that it regularly covers or which encompass interesting technologies.

This post looks at Altius Space Machines, a new startup from Jon Goff who is late of Masten Space Systems. Goff’s Colorado-based company is working on a system to assist NASA with its Mars Sample Return mission.