Luxembourg Joins International Space Exploration Coordination Group

Luxembourg joins group of 22 space agencies coordinating the future of space exploration

LUXEMBOURG (LSA PR) — The International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG), which has recently released its annual report, is an international forum for promoting coordinated efforts toward human and robotic space exploration on and around the Moon and Mars.

The Luxembourg Space Agency, which heads the  initiative, is proud to join this group of highly influential agencies and aiding in the development of a well thought out, unified approach to space resource exploration and utilisation.


NASA to Host Global Exploration Road Map Workshop

GOES-16 captured this view of the moon as it looked above the surface of the Earth on January 15. Like earlier GOES satellites, GOES-16 will use the moon for calibration. (Credits: NOAA/NASA)

MOFFETT FIELD, Calif. (NASA PR) — NASA will host a two-day virtual community workshop, Nov. 29 and 30, to conduct discussions with external stakeholders that will inform development of an update to the Global Exploration Roadmap (GER). The GER is a publication authored by NASA and the other 14 space agencies that comprise the International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG). The roadmap outlines a phased approach to achieving the common goal of sending humans to the surface of Mars.


Slow Progress on Developing Grand Strategy for Space Exploration

Common Exploration Plan will be Slow in the Making
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The world’s principal space-faring nations, which have spent the past three years talking about a common exploration strategy, are committed to producing, by June, a document setting out specific measures to enable an international program to take shape, space agency representatives said Sept. 30.

Addressing the 61st International Astronautical Congress here, members of the 14-agency International Space Exploration Coordinating Group (ISECG) reported little concrete results from their three years’ labors.