Demolition Ares; Griffin Defends Decision as Twice as Safe

Stage recontact is Ares biggest performance threat
Rob Coppinger
Flight International

NASA has concluded that the first and upper stages of its Ares I crew launch vehicle could collide after separation and this problem’s impact on the Ares’ development has been given the highest risk rating by the US space agency, according to documents obtained by Flight International.


Outgoing NASA Chief Defends Main Legacy of Tenure

Griffin Strongly Rejects Shift to EELV
Aviation Week

It would be a mistake to drop development of the Ares I crew launch vehicle in favor of a human-rated Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV), NASA Administrator Michael Griffin argued today in a detailed defense of the outgoing Bush administration’s human spaceflight policy.

But he said it might be possible to close the gap in U.S. human spaceflight capability by spending extra money to continue flying the space shuttle beyond 2010, and to accelerate Ares I development to make it available before 2015.