EarthNow to Boost Space Coast Satellite Manufacturing

Some good news for Florida’s Space Coast:

An emerging manufacturing hub for satellites and rockets near Kennedy Space Center is already getting a boost from a new player called EarthNow that is planning to build many more satellites there.

A startup based in Seattle, EarthNow says it will use OneWeb’s new plant on Merritt Island to build a network of several hundred camera satellites to monitor the Earth “in real time.”

OneWeb, which has yet to start production at the plant, plans to build at least 900 satellites for its space-based global communication network.

To imagine EarthNow, picture Google maps or similar satellite photos – but with the ability to see what the world looks like live and potentially check on whether strange vehicles are parked on your property or whether any forest fires are breaking out nearby.

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EarthNow to Deliver Real-Time Video Via Large Satellite Constellation

Greg Wyler of OneWeb

BELLEVUE, Wash. (EarthNow PR) — EarthNow LLC announces intent to deploy a large constellation of advanced imaging satellites that will deliver real-time, continuous video of almost anywhere on Earth. The latest company to spin-out from Intellectual Ventures, EarthNow recently closed a first round of financing with investments from Airbus, the SoftBank Group, Bill Gates, and Greg Wyler. The initial funding focuses primarily on maturing the overall system design to deliver innovative and unique real-time Earth observation services.

According to EarthNow’s founder and CEO, Russell Hannigan, “EarthNow is ambitious and unprecedented, but our objective is simple; we want to connect you visually with Earth in real-time. We believe the ability to see and understand the Earth live and unfiltered will help all of us better appreciate and ultimately care for our one and only home.”