Bright Ascension Completes Fund Raising for Development of End To End Space Software Product Suite

DUNDEE, UK, August, 23, 2021 (Bright Ascension PR) — Bright Ascension Ltd ., an industry leading space software technology provider, is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed a fund raising round and secured financing commitments through private investments to support further expansion and development of its product offering. The company has raised £1m of additional equity through the issue of new shares to match development funding that has been awarded to Bright Ascension by the European Space Agency (ESA).

Bright Ascension will use the new funds for the development of next generation satellite software infrastructure, which will offer its customers a complete end to end software solution for space based service provision. This expansion stage c losely correlates to the company’s participation in ESA ARTES Pioneer programme, a multi year project set to design and develop a cutting edge end to end solution which will enable a wide range of companies to create innovative satellite constellation services at a significantly reduced cost and within a reduced timeframe.