A Look at NASA’s Deep Space Exploration Plans

Last month NASA officials gave a series of presentations about the space agency’s deep-space exploration plans to the NASA Advisory Council’s Human Exploration and Operations (HEO) Committee. I have excerpted slides from those presentations to provide an overview of what the space agency is planning.

Video: Astrobotic Projects $70 Million Profit From GLXP Flights

Investor Julian Ranger talks about his investment in Astrobotic Technology, on the competitors in the Google Lunar X Prize. Some interesting numbers:

Cost of Mission: $100 million
Projected Revenues: $170 million
Projected Profit: $70 million.

The takeaway is that Astrobotic could make a profit from this mission without the Google Lunar X Prize funding. This means they could walk away if they don’t like the media and IP rights in the team agreement. They could probably make up some of the lost prize money by selling the rights themselves.

Oh, the possible Achille’s heel in the whole plan: they’re booked on a Space Falcon 9 rocket. Given the way the company’s schedule keeps slipping to the right, that could prove problematic. Time will tell.