Japanese Company Launches Small Satellite to Create First Artificial Meteor Shower

ALE-1 satellite undergoing fit test. (Credit: JAXA)

TOKYO (ALE PR) — ALE’s first satellite was successfully launched and completed its first communication with ground station.

The space venture corporation ALE Co. Ltd., aiming to create the world’s first man made meteor via satellite technology, announced on January 18 the following updates regarding the launch of its first satellite into space.


Artificial Meteor Company Raises $6 Million

Tokyo, December 13th 2016 – ALE, a Tokyo-based space entertainment startup, announced today that it has raised $6mm (¥700mm, USDJPY=115) from angel investors. The company will use the funds to prepare for the launch of its Sky Canvas Project in 2018. The project aims to provide artificial meteor showers on demand.