JAXA Narrows Down Astronaut Candidates

TOKYO (JAXA PR) — The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has conducted the 0th selection test on 2,266 people who have passed the document selection of astronaut candidates, and as a result, the successful candidates have been determined as follows.

Number of successful applicants for the 0th selection: 205


  • 188 males (91.7%), 17 females (8.3%)
  • Number of people who passed the English test in the 0th selection 1,407
    Male 1,113 (79.1%), Female 292 (20.8%), 2 selected others (0.1%)

○ Future plans

  • First selection: July 18th (Monday / holiday) – August 9th (Tuesday), 2022
     * Scheduled to be distributed in Japan (including online implementation)
  • Second selection: Late October to early November 2022
     * Scheduled to be held in Japan (JAXA Tsukuba Space Center, JAXA Tokyo Office, etc.)

Please see the application guidelines for the details of the selection process.

Breakdown of astronaut candidates by age group who passed the 0th selection

Successful applicants for the 0th selection(Reference) Successful applicants for document selection(Reference) Applicants
Total number2052,2664,127
20s or younger61 (29.8%)483 (21.3%)811 (19.7%)
30s107 (52.2%)1,084 (47.8%)1,850 (44.8%)
Forties31 (15.1%)513 (22.6%)973 (23.6%)
50s6 (2.9%)163 (7.2%)424 (10.3%)
60s and over0 (0.0%)23 (1.0%)69 (1.7%)

* Since the composition ratio is rounded to the first decimal place, the total is not necessarily 100.