NSSA Release Report on “United States Space Command: Progress and Opportunities”

ARLINGTON, Va., June 22, 2022 (NSSA PR) — The National Security Space Association (NSSA) today released a report entitled “United States Space Command:  Progress and Opportunities”. Produced by the Association’s Moorman Center for Space Studies, the report notes the importance of the USSPACECOM mission to U.S. national security and economic well-being, describes recent progress of the Command in reaching an “initial operational capability” (IOC), and highlights key challenges and opportunities facing the Command.

The report notes that, for the Command to reach its full potential, expanded cooperation with and support from other Department of Defense organizations and the Congress is required in the following areas:

  • Development of national and Department of Defense policy and strategy to assist the Command in its ability to plan and operate in the space domain, including in the areas of offensive and defensive space control and appropriate classification of national security space systems and associated security governance and management
  • Expanded support from the U.S. Space Force for Space Domain Awareness and tighter linkage between the Space Warfighting Analysis Center and the Command
  • Increased collaboration between USSPACECOM and the National Reconnaissance Office, and clear delineation of the roles and responsibilities of various Defense and National Intelligence enterprises in support of USSPACECOM
  • The need for additional resources devoted to ensuring the cyber hardening and resilience of USSPACECOM networks and national security space systems
  • Bolstering cross-domain and cross-Command integration, including in the area of space-related requirements and integrated reviews of Combatant Command war plans
  • Continued focus on inculcating a space warfighting culture throughout the Command
  • The critical need for additional manpower and financial resources to build out the Command
  • The value of expanded training, exercises, and experimentation
  • Rendering a final decision on where the Command’s headquarter will be based

Upon release of the report, Chair of the Moorman Center for Space Studies Chris Williams stated “U.S. Space Command is the nation’s preeminent space warfighting organization. As such, it must be supported and resourced to enable it to reach its full potential. This report serves as a guide for accelerating the Command’s continuing maturation and expanding the level of support it receives from other DoD organizations and the Congress. Given rapidly advancing foreign space and counterspace threats, the brave men and women of USSPACECOM simply must succeed in their mission of defending our vital interests in space.”

A link to the report can be found here.