ESA to Open Centre for Space Economy and Commerce

PARIS (ESA PR) — Entrepreneurs, fledgling firms and established space companies are to receive a boost with the launch of the European Centre for Space Economy and Commerce.

The ESA centre aims to create jobs and prosperity in Europe by fostering a fertile environment to promote the development of the space economy and boost the commercialisation of space in Europe. It will encourage disruptive innovation and foster partnerships between professionals and enthusiasts.

The European Centre for Space Economy and Commerce will be launched at an event on 4 July that will be livestreamed from the European Space Policy Institute in Vienna, Austria, where it will be based.

ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher will deliver a keynote speech, highlighting how promoting commercial investment in space forms part of his ambitious plans described in ESA’s Agenda 2025. His speech will be followed by a panel discussion on the development of the space economy and commerce in Europe.

The event kicks off activities at the centre, which will provide a European platform for interdisciplinary debates and research.

Individuals professionally involved in the space economy and commerce – who share an interest in the development of the space industry in Europe – will be able to attend conferences and workshops, networking sessions, working groups, collaborative research, competitions for students, and summer schools.

The centre will welcome members from different professional backgrounds, including economists, engineers, scientists and lawyers from the commercial companies, public institutions, international organisations, and academia.

The European Space Policy Institute will support ESA with the management and secretariat of the centre.

Join online

Tune in to ESA Web TV on 4 July from 14:00 to16:00 CEST to watch this event broadcast live from Vienna.

For a link to the livestream, please email the organisers at who will respond within two working days of the event.

Follow the activities of European Centre for Space Economy and Commerce on LinkedIn and Twitter or, for further information, please email