Book Unlocks Secrets of Space Marketing

by David Bullock
Staff Writer

Breaking ground with her new book, “Space Marketing,” Izzy House — advertiser, marketer and now published author — took time to talk about her work, her book and upcoming publications.

“The relationship between the businesses and the audience is the primary thing. The tools they use may change through time… but it all boils down to establishing a healthy relationship with your audience,” House said.

As the industry reaches out to the public more, and there is less emphasis on working with NASA, for example, marketing in the space industry needs to change.

“Up until recently [the space industry] really didn’t have a lot to do a lot with marketing,” explained House. “So this book was really a primer to introduce them to what marking is and how to use it, what strategies and tactics are out there for marketing and how to hire talent.”

She has this focus on relationships in marketing from several acclaimed people of the marketing profession.

“I have several authors who have built who I am as an advertiser/marketer. [These include] David Meerman Scott, Mark Schafer, [and] Joe Pulizzi,” House said. “Those were marketers that really believe in the relationship. … Where a lot of companies fail is that they don’t see that as a conversation. And the ones that are successful and the ones that pay attention to their audience and connect with them, as people and not as somebody to buy their widgets.”

While relatively new to the space industry, House has been a marketing professional for over twenty years, with most of her work marketing for technology companies.

“I got an advertising degree back in the 90s and I also started a business, because I believe the best way to learn to do something is to actually be in the middle of it,” she said.  “I was a tenant at an environmental technology incubator, so I was surrounded by all these geniuses and inventors that had wonderful products that could help make the world a better place…[and] I watched these inventors’ products stall out, because they didn’t respect marketing and they didn’t know how to market, so they assumed that since they had such a wonderful product that the world would come to them.”

But the world doesn’t just come to great ideas, and as the planet becomes more and more media saturated, it is proven harder for companies to market to their audience.

Even though House is a recent publisher, she is busy creating more books. She plans to have a series of book on marketing in the space industry, which will include topics such as marketing for spaceports and then later topics such as space tourism, the Moon, Mars, LEO and space stations.

She also has a unique book she is working on called, “Our Connection to Space.” This book focuses on all the ways space services and space products are connected to our lives.

“From GPS and Google Maps to diabetic strips that measure blood sugar, there are so many things we have in our lives that the regular person does not know comes from space,” House said.

Her book came out on Amazon, October 1, 2021. It is available in paperback, electronic and audio formats.