Russia’s TERRA TECH is Shaping a New Geoservices Market

TerraCloud system (Credit: TERRA TECH)

MOSCOW (Roscosmos PR) — For TERRA TECH, a Russian Space Systems holding company (RKS, part of the Roscosmos State Corporation), 2021 was marked by a number of important events and achievements. With a threefold growth in demand for geoservices and digital products based on Earth remote sensing (ERS) data, TERRA TECH has become one of the key players in this market, shaping new industry trends and opening unlimited access to geo-information to a wide range of consumers.

The socio-economic and epidemiological situation in 2021 has made changes in the approaches of the state and business to the control and management of assets. The demand for digital analytical products for remote problem solving has grown, restrictions have stimulated the search for new design and service solutions for observing objects on the Earth’s surface. Customers required more complex analytics with ready-made expert assessments of changes.

TERRA TECH General Director Milana Elerdova: “We note a significant increase in requests from companies that need analytical information based on satellite data, we have managed to significantly expand the circle of clients and partners. The main technological achievements of this year were the creation of an artificial intelligence laboratory and the beginning of the development of a new thematic product. We are talking about the formation of a kind of data preparation factory, which will provide users with analytics and will flexibly respond to customer requests for the best integration into their projects. “

Over the course of a year, TERRA TECH machine learning specialists have developed special software based on neural network technologies – they have improved the quality of space images, increased spatial resolution, introduced haze compensation, taught the system to recognize and segment individual objects in the image. To train neural networks, TERRA TECH has created and is constantly updating the base of standards, where more than 160 thousand different objects have already been entered.


The development of TERRA TECH, a complex of cloud geoservices “Digital Earth”, became a finalist of the prestigious IT Stars award among digital transformation projects, confirming the high technology, competitiveness and market demand for geoservices.

In cooperation with the Research Institute “Voskhod” (a subordinate institution of the Ministry of Digital Science of Russia), the integration of the services of “Digital Earth” with the state information system “Typical cloud solution for the automation of control (supervisory) activities” (TOP KND) began. Thanks to the combined use of the two systems, inspectors receive an accurate indication of problem land plots and can directly check the correctness of the cadastral registration of capital construction objects.

Implementation of the pilot project of Roslesinforg and TERRA TECH using neural network technologies of the Digital Earth made it possible to work out a new system for detecting illegal logging and to improve the accuracy of logging recognition. Today, testing of the neural network continues in problem areas, which have been added to the training samples.

In 2021, TERRA TECH, together with the Scientific Research and Design Institute of Informatization, Automation and Communication in Railway Transport “(NIIAS, a subsidiary of Russian Railways), began to develop a technology for monitoring the construction of the railway infrastructure of the Baikal-Amur Mainline. The use of satellites and drones gives additional the possibility of automated control of verification for compliance with indicators in terms of the timing and volume of construction work.

Together with the specialists of the “Breakthrough” project direction of the State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” and “TERRA TECH”, a project on remote monitoring by means of remote sensing data of the construction of nuclear infrastructure facilities in different countries of the world has been successfully implemented. On the basis of space stereoscopic photography of the NPP, the physical indicators of the construction objects and construction sites as a whole were determined.

The result of a joint project launched in 2021 with PROMSVYAZBANK on integrated space monitoring and geospatial analysis of the bank’s property assets is a cloud geoservice for monitoring its own and collateralized facilities and land plots under construction. Space technologies, as noted in the bank, have improved the quality of the assessment of borrowers and their projects and strengthened control over the intended use of credit funds.

The attention of the state, business and the general public in 2021 was focused on climate and environmental issues. At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in 2021, an agreement was signed between the State Corporation Roscosmos and the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Use (Rosprirodnadzor), designed to establish interagency cooperation for comprehensive space environmental monitoring. Geospatial analytics from TERRA TECH enables specialized government agencies to receive operational data on the use of land and natural resources, the state of MSW landfills and landfills, as well as to form environmental passports of enterprises and ratings of companies that pollute nature.

The problem of environmental protection is also solved by the cooperation agreement concluded at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021 with the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Institute of Global Climate and Ecology named after Academician Yu. Israel “(IGKE). One of the key areas of joint work was the study of the potential of using satellite imagery data to assess the country’s carbon balance.

To improve the quality of the services provided by TERRA TECH, the company in 2021 launched an updated version of the TerraCloud online service for purchasing space images, which allows you to purchase remote sensing data in a “one window” online around the clock from anywhere in the world with payment by bank card. The growing number of requests within the framework of the TERRA TECH Prokazhi.rf project, through which space images can be purchased for use in litigation, indicates a high potential for demand for remote sensing data from a wide range of private users.