Deep Blue Aerospace’s Nebula-M Rocket Completes 100-meter Test Hop

BEIJING (Deep Blue Aerospace PR) — On October 13, the Deep Blue Aerospace “Nebula-M” test arrow 1 completed the 100-meter vertical take-off and landing (VTVL) flight test at the Tongchuan Test Base in Shaanxi Province, achieving all test assessment targets and the test mission was a complete success.

This VTVL flight test was completed by the same launch rocket in a short period of time after Deep Blue Aerospace completed the 10-meter VTVL flight test at the end of July, creating the first 100-meter liquid oxygen kerosene rocket recovery and reuse flight record in China. It demonstrates Deep Blue Aerospace’s responsiveness and organizational capabilities for rapid maintenance of the rocket body and rapid organization of re-flight. At the same time, it has accumulated valuable data and engineering experience for continuing to organize high-altitude and orbital-level vertical recovery tests.