Alba Orbital Raises $3.4 Million in Seed Round from Founders of Skype & Fitbit

GLASGOW, Scotland (Alba Orbital PR) — Alba Orbital is pleased to announce we have closed our Seed round to accelerate our mission to image everywhere on earth every 15 minutes.

The round was led by Metaplanet Holdings and included Y Combinator, Liquid2, Soma, Uncommon Denominator, Zillionize and a number of angel investors

To date Alba Orbital has launched 6 satellites, more than all the other Y Combinator companies combined, with another 9 integrated and ready to launch in a few months.

‘We are thrilled to have closed our first external investment round, which was so popular we could have filled two or three times over. We are excited to kick on and start building out our fleet at scale, starting with our 11 satellite constellation for night time imagery’.

James Park, Alba Orbital Angel investor and Fitbit Founder/CEO said:

‘Alba is building something really amazing and I’m excited to be able to share some insights learned in shipping 120M+ consumer electronics devices and helping Alba apply that to satellite production’.

Rauno Miljand, Managing Partner of Metaplanet Holdings (fund of Skype Co-Founder Jaan Tallinn) said:

‘We were impressed by Alba’s pitch at Y Combinator demo day and their current performance. We are excited to be onboard as they build out the satellite fleet and tackle the challenge of providing near constant satellite image of the earth’’

 Alba is the first Y Combinator company from Scotland and was named by Tech crunch as one of their favourite companies in the recent W21 batch (