Space Impulse Industry Platform Welcomes Advanced Rockets Corporation

LOMITA, Calif. — Advanced Rockets Corporation (ARC) is an engineering pioneer developing a new class of rocket designed for 400+ flights per rocket and $100 per kg into low earth orbit. The design achieves more than 700% gains in efficiency over current technology by taking advantage of ARC’s patents in  advanced aerodynamics and air-breathing propulsion solutions. 

ARC’s innovative propulsion system combines rocket and hypersonic air-breathing technology into a single engine, massively reducing deadweight. The gains in efficiency this system affords translate into improved rates of utilization, an expanded envelope for safe intact abort, and mission-specific modifications among many other features essential to the goal of reliable and affordable commercial space flight. 

As ARC prepares to move from design to production, Space Impulse offers an ideal community for sharing its message and forming relationships with potential partners and new team members.

Founder and CEO of Space Impulse, Rabi Boundi, is a community builder by nature, with a passion for space that has grown since childhood. He conceived of the online space industry ecosystem as his life’s mission after successfully exiting a previous software venture that accumulated millions of users in the mobile apps industry.

“With our fundamental innovations and patents in place, we’re ready to start a launch revolution in our goal for a democratized space,” said Othniel Mbamalu, Founder & CEO of ARC. “We are joining Space Impulse to share that message in a community that can understand exactly why it’s revolutionary, understand the science behind it, and even join us to be part of it. ARC is especially excited to be part of the Space Impulse community because it’s a place where our own team can grow.”

“Space Impulse is excited to welcome a partner with such awesome innovations on its workbench. ARC is building a new path to space, and it’s something the Space Impulse community will love to learn about with every step ARC takes,” said Boundi.

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Advanced Rockets Corporation (ARC) was founded to expand access to space with a new path to orbit. ARC’s patented innovations take weight-saving advantage of air-breathing combustion from 0 to Mach 10 with an ISP more than 5x current rocket propulsion. Synergistic advantages in heat management, reusability, aerodynamics, and more complete ARC’s rocket revolution.

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