Russia, China Sign MOU on Creating International Lunar Station

MOSCOW (Roscosmos PR) — Dmitry Rogozin, General Director of Roscosmos State Corporation, and Kejian Zhang, Head of the China National Space Administration, on March 9, 2021, by videoconference, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of the governments of Russia and China between the Government of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of the Russian Federation on cooperation in the creation of the International Scientific Lunar station (MNLS).

Roscosmos State Corporation and CNSA, guided by the principles of parity distribution of rights and obligations, will promote cooperation in the creation of an open access system for all interested countries and international partners, aiming to strengthen research cooperation and promote the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes for the interests of all mankind.

The International Scientific Lunar Station is a complex of experimental research facilities created on the surface and / or in the orbit of the Moon, designed to carry out multidisciplinary and multipurpose research work, including the exploration and use of the Moon, lunar observations, fundamental research experiments and technology verification with the possibility of long-term unmanned operation with the prospect of a human presence on the moon.

Within the framework of the project for the creation of the MNLS, Russia and China, using their experience in the field of space science, the creation and use of space technology and space technologies, will jointly develop a Roadmap for the creation of the MNLS, as well as conduct close interaction in planning, justification, design, development, implementation, operation the project for the creation of the MNLS, including its presentation to the world space community.

Russia and China traditionally strive to develop cooperation in the field of space technologies, space science and the use of outer space. To date, within the framework of interaction in the field of lunar and deep space exploration, an Agreement has been signed and is being successfully implemented between the Roscosmos State Corporation and the Chinese National Space Administration on cooperation in the framework of coordination of the Russian mission with the Luna-Resurs-1 orbital spacecraft and the Chinese research mission the polar region of the Moon “Chang’e-7”, as well as the Agreement between Roscosmos and the CNSA on cooperation in the creation of a joint data center for the exploration of the Moon and deep space.