Roscosmos Approves Space Instrumentation Industry Transformation Program

MOSCOW (Roscosmos PR) — Roscosmos Supervisory Board approved the program of strategic transformations of space instrument-making enterprises and decided to form space instrument-making holding based on the Russian Space Systems company (RSS, part of Roscosmos). Being at the national economy level these decisions determine the future image of one of the most important components the Russian rocket and space industry and are aimed at maintaining and progressive development of the scientific, technological, production and innovative potential of space instrument-making enterprises.

The program was coordinated by the Russian Military-Industrial Commission, the Russian Ministry of Finance, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, Rosatom State Corporation, Roscosmos and other rocket and space industry organizations. The program also includes priority tasks to develop Russia’s radio-electronic industry in the field of space microelectronics.

The new space instrumentation integrated structure will include 17 companies, research institutes, design bureaus and assembly plants to ensure complete independence of the Russian rocket and space industry in microradioelectronics for space purposes and instrumentation. The integrated structure will allow implementing a unified technical policy in the field of space instrumentation, accelerating the modernization of key assets, avoiding parallelism and duplication of work.

The transformation will affect RSS holding companies and other related enterprises. Based on the enterprises, product and manufacturing centers of competence will be formed with new uniform industry standards. In order to coordinate the work and increase interaction efficiency, they will all act within a single digital environment. The integration of companies is to ensure global competitiveness, new technologies transfer, as well as using space activities’ results and digital services in various sectors of the economy and social sphere.

Andrey Tyulin, RSS Director General: ‘The program of strategic transformations is to ensure solving large-scale state tasks to create world-class rocket and space technology products, which require transition to the 5th and 6th technological setups. To do so, it is necessary to significantly increase the production and innovation potential of space instrumentation, to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises.’

The main priorities of the program are the formation of a new technological chain of product creation, the transition to digital design and production, as well as the development of new adjacent markets for electronic equipment and services. These tasks are to be achieved through investing in the production facilities modernization and advanced developments, as well as further training of employees.