Momentus Announces Service Agreement with Qosmosys

SANTA CLARA, Calif., January 21, 2021 (Momentus PR) – Momentus Inc. (“Momentus” or the “Company”), a commercial space company offering in-space infrastructure services, and Qosmosys, a new venture founded in Singapore last year, today announced a service agreement for two 3UXL protoflight cubesats in 2022, followed by two options in 2023.

“Momentus has exported the spirit of Silicon Valley to Singapore, bringing some fresh perspectives to launch services. Our Qosmosys missions demand a purposeful use of orbits, therefore, with Momentus, we clearly take significant benefits with their injection precision,” said Francois Dubrulle, founder of Qosmosys. “Moreover, Momentus offers an effective solution for Qosmosys for assured access to space, flying on a regular schedule with SpaceX, and adding extra flexibility and customization to our myriad of spacecraft to be launched.”

Momentus will provide the orbital maneuvering services necessary to deliver the spacecraft to a circular or elliptical orbit, depending on each mission requirement.

Qosmosys has its specific platform design, dubbed Zeus, which will be built with major contributions from NuSpace in Singapore. NuSpace has also been chosen to assemble and integrate all Zeus spacecraft. NuSpace signed a separate service agreement with Momentus last year for the company’s NuX-1 satellite to be launched later in 2021.

“Momentus is thrilled to contribute to the development of an innovative business idea in space while fostering the development of newspace in Asia and, more specifically, Singapore,” added Mikhail Kokorich, CEO of Momentus. “We love and share Qosmosys’ bold vision of making the vastness of space accessible to all mankind – in earth orbit and beyond.”

About Momentus

As a first mover in building in-space infrastructure services, Momentus is at the forefront of the commercialization of space. With an experienced team of aerospace, propulsion, and robotics engineers, Momentus has developed a cost-effective and energy efficient in-space transport system based on water plasma propulsion technology. Momentus has in-place service agreements with private satellite companies, government agencies, and research organizations.

About Qosmosys

Qosmosys aims to connect every citizen of the world with the vastness of space.

For Qosmosys, the outer space is no longer reserved for a select few. With its innovative Zeus family of spacecraft, space becomes a new playground for individuals and corporations to bring their dreams to fruition.

Qosmosys is a Singapore-based venture.