Rules Published for Competing for Lead Role on ISS Feature Film

Credit: Roscosmos

Unclear if this is casting for or competition to Tom Cruise’s feature film to be shot next year.

Dmitry goes to Hollywood(ski) as Roscosmos boss snags himself a producer credit.

MOSCOW (Roscosmos PR) — The competition has started, the winner of which will receive the main role in the first feature film shot in space. The motion picture with the tentative title “Challenge” is a joint project of the State Corporation Roscosmos, Channel One and the studio Yellow, Black and White. Filming will take place at the International Space Station in the fall of 2021.

Dmitry Rogozin
General Director of the State Corporation Roscosmos

In this project, it is important for us not only to demonstrate the heroism and high professionalism of cosmonauts and industry specialists who ensure the safety of manned space flights, but also to develop the possibility of accelerated preparation for such a flight and the implementation of a mission to the ISS a specialist (engineer, doctor, astrophysicist), in whom the need may suddenly arise on board the station.  This is a kind of space experiment. The actress selected by a competition and a medical commission will have to perform the functions of an astronaut-researcher and become a full-fledged member of the crew.”

Konstantin Ernst
General Director of Channel One

“If you start questioning our compatriots under 30, then regardless of profession and gender, you will find that most of them have ever wanted, and many still want to go to Earth orbit. I have always dreamed, if not to be in space myself, then to help someone do it. And then one day Dmitry Rogozin rang the bell and the key to this happy opportunity was in the “at the start” position. 

“Roskosmos, fulfilling its professional duties and implementing new space programs, thought it could train two cosmonauts-researchers, one of whom would go into space to shoot a feature film with the working title “Challenge”. The professional actresses we are looking for, first of all, and the women whose acting skills allow them to compete with professional actresses, there is an opportunity to fulfill your most romantic dream and go to the stars. At the same time becoming a big international star. “

Alexey Trotsyuk
General Producer Yellow, Black and White

“Despite our vast experience in producing big movies, this is the first time we’ve faced such a challenge. In the shortest possible time, we need to find more than just an actress – we need a real superhero. We are looking for a woman who can play her role on Earth, and then endure the most difficult training, fly into space and there, in a state of weightlessness, also solve the most difficult shooting tasks. That is why we, together with Channel One and the Roscosmos State Corporation, are announcing an all-Russian casting. If you feel the strength and talent, and are ready to accept the challenge, this is your chance to become the first!

How to participate in a creative competition

A creative task for those wishing to take part in the selection is posted on the website of Channel One. It is necessary to record the so-called “samoproba” (to film the specified monologue) and upload it to . Based on the results of consideration of the submitted works – within a month – the selected candidates will be invited to face-to-face auditions. At the end of the first stage, the selection committee will select up to 30 finalists for further participation in the competition.

Flight Commission and Cosmonaut Training School

A medical expert commission will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the finalists of the competition for compliance with medical and psychological requirements, as well as the requirements for physical fitness, education and professional fitness necessary for participation in space flight and work in space. Candidates who have successfully passed the flight commission will be enrolled in the Cosmonaut School, where they will have to undergo a three-month training course (on a daily basis).

Based on the results of the final part of the competition, two winners will be determined – the future leading actress and her understudy. All stages of the competition will be covered in detail on the air of Channel One.

General Requirements

  • Citizenship  – Russian Federation
  • Gender  – female
  • Age  – 25-45 years old
  • Basic knowledge of English
  • Standing height  – 150-180 cm
  • Body weight  – 50-75 kg

Movie Info

“CALL” (working title)

Genre  – space drama

Stage Director  – Klim Shipenko (“Kholop”, “Salyut-7”, “Text”)

Screenplay  – Bakur Bakuradze, Klim Shipenko

Producers  – Dmitry Rogozin, Konstantin Ernst, Sergei Titinkov, Eduard Iloyan, Denis Zhalinsky, Vitaly Shlyappo and Alexey Trotsyuk.