Ukraine Completes Tests on Cyclone-4M Upper Stage Engine

KIEV (Ukraine State Space Agency PR) — On June 26, 2020, the second stage of the final refinement tests of the single-chamber liquid rocket engine RD861K, developed by SE Pivdenne and manufactured by VO PMZ, was successfully completed at stand No. 1 of VO PMZ.

RD861K is part of the third stage of the Cyclone-4 and is designed to create traction and maneuvering.  Achieved characteristics allow the use of RD861K in the second stage of the Cyclone-4M booster, the development of which is currently underway.

The tests (three series of five inclusions with a total duration of 1601.6 seconds) completed the full cycle of ground testing of the engine and finally confirmed the performance of the selected design, systems and engine components in the range of specified operating conditions, compliance with the main characteristics RD861K.

RD861K is the engine of the upper stage of the launch vehicle with a turbo pump system of fuel components, without after burning the generator gas and blowing it into the supercritical part of the nozzle. 

The engine is able to provide multiple start and control of the thrust vector through the channels “pitch” and “jerking” in space during the output of the payload to the target point of the trajectory.

Successfully conducted tests completed the ground testing of the engine RD861K finally confirming the performance of the structure, systems and components of the engine in the range of specified operating conditions and its readiness for flight tests as part of the degree of PH.