Crew Dragon Mission Timeline

On Thursday, March 19 and Friday, March 20, SpaceX teams in Firing Room 4 at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida and the company’s Mission Control in Hawthorne, California, along with NASA flight controllers in Mission Control Houston, executed a full simulation of launch and docking of the Crew Dragon spacecraft, with NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley (front) participating in SpaceX’s flight simulator. (Credits: SpaceX)
Mission Timeline

(all times are approximate and adjustments may occur prior to launch)

  -04:15:00Crew weather brief
  -04:05:00Crew handoff
  -04:00:00Suite donning and checkouts
  -03:22:00Crew Walk Out from Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout Building
  -03:15:00Crew Transportation to Launch Complex 39A
  -02:55:00Crew arrives at pad
  -02:35:00Crew ingress
  -02:20:00Communication check
  -02:15:00Verify ready for seat rotation
  -02:14:00Suit leak checks
  -01:55:00Hatch close
  -00:45:00SpaceX Launch Director verifies go for propellant load
  -00:42:00Crew access arm retracts
  -00:37:00Dragon launch escape system is armed
  -00:35:00RP-1 (rocket grade kerosene) loading begins
  -00:35:001st stage LOX (liquid oxygen) loading begins
  -00:16:002nd stage LOX loading begins
  -00:07:00Falcon 9 begins engine chill prior to launch
  -00:05:00Dragon transitions to internal power
  -00:01:00Command flight computer to begin final prelaunch checks
  -00:01:00Propellant tank pressurization to flight pressure begins
  -00:00:45SpaceX Launch Director verifies go for launch
  -00:00:03Engine controller commands engine ignition sequence to start
  -00:00:00Falcon 9 liftoff

(all times are approximate and adjustments may occur prior to launch)

  +00:00:58Max Q (moment of peak mechanical stress on the rocket)
  +00:02:331st stage main engine cutoff (MECO)
  +00:02:361st and 2nd stages separate
  +00:02:442nd stage engine starts
  +00:07:151st stage entry burn
  +00:08:472nd stage engine cutoff (SECO-1)
  +00:08:521st stage entry burn
  +00:09:221st stage landing
  +00:12:00Crew Dragon separates from 2nd stage
  +00:12:46Dragon nosecone open sequence begins