China’s i-Space Fires Reusable Engine for 500 Seconds

The Xinhua news agency reports that i-Space (aka, Beijing Interstellar Glory Space Technology Co., Ltd.) test fired its reusable JD-1 oxygen-methane rocket engines for 500 seconds on Wednesday.

As the key to the reuse of carrier rockets, the engine was designed to be used up to 30 times. It can save more than 70 percent in manufacturing cost for the rockets, according to the developer.

The engine can meet multi-mission requirements such as deceleration, landing, as well as long time in orbit and deep space exploration. It has a strong adaptability to missions, the developer said.

The engine will be used in the Hyperbola-2 launch vehicle, which is designed to place 1.9 tons into low Earth Orbit. The first test launch is planned for 2021.