Russian Regulative Documents on Earth’s Remote Sensing Database Signed

MOSCOW (Roscosmos PR) — The Government of the Russian Federation approved the regulation to create and maintain the Earth’s remote sensing federal database. The regulation defines the contents and ways of data transmission, as well as the time period of sending the data to the database.

The passing of these Decrees of the Government of the Russian Federation creates all the necessary conditions to maintain the federal Earth’s remote sensing database and data provision to the clients.

The corresponding Decrees regulate the rules of the database creation and maintaining, data provision and interaction with other government databases.

The federal Earth’s remote sensing database was created to improve the effectiveness and opportunities to employ the Earth’s remote sensing data received from the state Russian and privately owned foreign satellites.

On August, 29 a meeting of the Roscosmos delegation with the Government of Tver Region took place at the Kalyazin Radio Astronomy Observatory. Roscosmos delegation was headed by Valery Zaichko, GLONASS Department Deputy Director, while Tver Region delegation included Andrey Naumov, Vice Chairman of the Regional Government, as well as several other officials.

The meeting included discussion of a large number of topics connected with the pilot project realization and space data usage for Tver Region, such as:

  • Developing the Kalyazin Radio Astronomy Observatory as part of an investment project;
  • Precise global positioning network status in Tver Region and its perspectives;
  • Terra Tech Earth’s remote sensing commercial operator report on the projects in Tver Region.