PTScientists Acquired by Unknown Party

  • Berlin New Space company PTScientists successfully sold
  • All jobs are retained
  • Research contracts will be continued

BERLIN (PTScientists PR) — The Berlin based space start-up PTScientists was successfully sold to an aerospace company with effect from September 1st 2019. Silence has been agreed on the purchase price and the name of the buyer.

PTScientists filed for insolvency on July 5th, 2019, due to unplanned delays in promoting additional investor and sponsorship funds. Insolvency administrator Sascha Feies of the law office GÖRG spoke to numerous potential investors in recent weeks.

The solution, which has now been achieved, not only secures the jobs of the approximately 60 employees but also ensures that the research and development work of the highly innovative space company of the first European lunar landing mission can be continued without delay.

“PTScientists is a highly respected company in the aviation and aerospace industry with real innovative strength, as the discussions over the last few weeks have shown,” explains insolvency administrator Sascha Feies from the law office GÖRG. “I am very pleased that we have found a really good solution so quickly, which not only ensures the continued existence of the company and the jobs but also allows the experts of PTScientists to continue the European lunar mission as planned.”

PTScientists is the only company in Europe that has a lunar lander at an advanced stage of development. The company is investigating the transport of scientific payloads using the lunar resources to the lunar surface as part of a study for the planned ISRU mission of the European Space Agency ESA.

Effective from September 1st, 2019, all of the company’s assets were sold to an aerospace company as part of a transferring restructuring program. With the successful sale, the jobs of the approximate 60 PTScientists employees, most of them highly qualified engineers and scientists, will be maintained. Research and development under the ISRU mission will continue as planned.

About PTScientists

PTScientists is a Berlin-based New Space company. PTScientists develop a spacecraft and lunar rovers for future lunar landing missions. PTScientists cooperates with a number of industry partners and space agencies such as the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the European Space Agency (ESA). PTScientists currently has about 60 employees in Berlin, Salzburg (AT) and Houston (USA).