Khrunichev Center, Boeing Agreed to Continue Zarya ISS Module Operation

MOSCOW (Roscosmos PR) — On August 27, 2019 during the first business day of the MAKS-2019 Air Show the Boeing company and the Khrunichev Center signed an agreement to prolong the contract on the Zarya functional cargo block of the International Space Station.

The companies reached the agreement, according to which the Khrunichev Center will supply the replaceable equipment to the ISS to ensure the Zarya module operation, as well as modernize the design to improve the technical capacities of the module in 2021-2024.

The agreement on further ISS program cooperation was signed at the Roscosmos State Corporation joint booth.

“Continued ISS operation is the most important component to support international cooperation in space exploration. The new agreement confirms the effective partnership which will continue to support space activities for the international community”, said Alexey Varochko, the Khrunichev Center Director General.

“The International Space Station is an unprecedented example of global cooperation between Russia, USA and 13 other countries, and Boeing is proud to support it being the main integrator from the US side. In cooperation with the Khrunichev Center we are glad to continue our contribution into this large-scale international project which is key for the future space exploration” – says Sergey Kravchenko, President of Boeing Russia and CIS.

The meeting also included awarding the Khrunichev Center with the Performance Excellence Award 2018, which had been announced by Boeing earlier.

Boeing awards its suppliers with this award for the full compliance with the production quality standards and keeping of the delivery times. The Khrunichev Center being the best supplier of the year is awarded for the work to ensure operation, modernization and re-equipment of the Zarya module.

The cooperation of the companies in the ISS project has been active since 1995. The Zarya functional cargo block was manufactured by the Khrunichev Center according to the contract with Boeing and was successfully launched in 1998 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome using the Proton booster. The contract between Boeing and the Khrunichev Center to continue the Zarya functional cargo block operation after 2015 was signed in 2013.