• Robert G. Oler

    well done

  • Saturn1300

    Got to get that Starlink space debris into orbit. I tested cable WiFI at my sisters house. Too fast. Now I got to clean my front room to install. They sent me a promo in Spanish(I am not) for $37.50. Maybe they will let a English speaker get the same deal. They sent me a gov. $14.95 deal pre approved for people getting SS extra over 65. I never signed up for that. I will have to check. I am thinking with HD cable speed, just stream everything and dump TV.

  • Saturn1300

    That 737 Max pilot turned off the no fly into ground system, then turned it back on and crashed.

  • Vladislaw

    You sound like a SpaceX fanboy … smiles

  • Andrew Tubbiolo

    So what’s changed from the fairings can’t get wet such that they tried two net designs, to we can just haul them out of the drink and use them? Assuming it’s easy make a fairing shell water proof, it sounds like maybe Space X has developed a new acoustic absorber pad that can take water or is easy to clean.

  • publiusr

    They got that dialed in.

  • duheagle

    Secret sauce!