Apparently, They CAN Take the Sky From Me

UPDATE: Pepsi says it will not pursue this plan.

This is a truly terrible idea:

A Russian company called StartRocket says it’s going to launch a cluster of cubesats into space that will act as an “orbital billboard,” projecting enormous advertisements into the night sky like artificial constellations. And its first client, it says, will be PepsiCo — which will use the system to promote a “campaign against stereotypes and unjustified prejudices against gamers” on behalf of an energy drink called Adrenaline Rush.

Yeah, the project sounds like an elaborate prank. But Russian PepsiCo spokesperson Olga Mangova confirmed to Futurism that the collaboration is real.

“We believe in StartRocket potential,” she wrote in an email. “Orbital billboards are the revolution on the market of communications. That’s why on behalf of Adrenaline Rush — PepsiCo Russia energy non-alcoholic drink, which is brand innovator, and supports everything new, and non-standard — we agreed on this partnership.”

Futurism has the full story.

  • therealdmt

    So they’re gonna ruin my night sky with their ad? NG

  • Terry Stetler

    This may be the only universally acceptable target for a ASAT 👿

  • ThomasLMatula

    Its really a plot by Coca-Cola to put Pepsi-Cola out of business from the boycott…

  • Paul451

    The announcement itself is the Ad, not what they claim to be announcing.

  • Saturn1300

    Nobody ever looks up at Space and the Stars and Planets. Maybe get out with the mosquitoes and take a look. You can see far away. The Moon in a small telescope is nice.

  • duheagle

    Heinlein had his D.D. Harriman character going to a thinly disguised version of Coca Cola to get development money so he allegedly could avoid putting the logo of a thinly disguised version of Pepsico across the entire near-side lunar surface. He also intimated that a certain foreign power wanted to put a huge hammer and sickle on the Moon.

    Were not only living in the future, we’re living in Heinlein’s Future History.

  • therealdmt

    Not nobody

  • therealdmt

    I would definitely hope there’d be blowback

  • windbourne

    exactly what I thought of.