Chinese Private Company OneSpace Plans Launch Attempt This Week

Editor’s Note: OneSpace says their attempt to launch the OS-M orbital booster is scheduled for Wednesday, March 27. If successful, it will be the first privately-backed Chinese rocket company to place a payload into space. (An attempt by LandSpace failed last year.)

The booster will be carrying a small satellite built by the Chinese company ZeroG Technology. The OS-M booster is capable of payloads weighing 205 kg (452 lb) into low-Earth orbit or 143 kg (315 lb) into sun-synchronous orbit.

This will be OneSpace’s third launch attempt. It twice flew its OS-X booster on suborbital flights in 2018.

  • Saturn1300

    They are doing a neat thing. They are putting SRB on the core SRB. So they can do a much heavier launch. What Delta had 10?

    NASA could do that to replace SLS next year. But not just go to LEO, but all the way to the Moon in one launch. Replace the core with another 5 segment SRB. Add side SRB as needed. Orion is 16’D, so a little step down like CST-100. 2nd stage another segment. No boil off with the solids, so coast as long as needed. Days. The service section is hypergolic. A Shuttle engine. Just stay in LEO until everything checks out. Then it is Moon here we come. Price should not be too bad. ATK said they get the segment cases from NASA. So they just have to fill. I guess that the 20 launch limit has been reached, so they will not reuse the steel ones. But they have the W C Shuttle carbon fiber cases and those can be reused 20x. The 3 hole mobile launcher should work. I think it could be done with out too much extra money from Congress. A-R has a large SRB motor section in Ark. Maybe they can fill also and bid against N-G. The Congress Delegation from Utah and Ark. and others that are tired of the slips should support this. I do.