• Somebody has to ask it. I can’t help it: What hapened to the R2-D2 mission?

  • Jacob Samorodin

    I believe this Rocket Lab launch attempt had been postponed several days because of that horrible tragedy in New Zealand. Don’t be surprised if there is an ‘additional’ payload stowed inside the rocket-booster’s fairing because of that tragedy; a KORAN. And don’t be surprised if during launch day, the women in the RL launch-control facility are forced to wear hijabs that day., and an imam may be invited to pray at the launch site. It’s my opinion, not fact, but I am allowed to express my opinion.

  • duheagle

    You got some bomb weed up dere, eh?

  • Jacob Samorodin

    A coward who wouldn’t dare reveal his true name throws an insult. You are a real courageous guy, dude. When was the last time a fist met your face?

  • duheagle

    Hit a nerve, did I? My name is Dick Eagleson. I would be posting under that name here and other places that use Disqus, but at the time I set up my account, it was misbehaving and wouldn’t accept my name as an ID. I think most of the regulars here already know this as you’re hardly the first little pissant to “call me out” and I’ve gone through this song and dance before.

    As for the fist thing, I think that would have been in 4th grade. My assailant wasn’t as big as I was so I have no idea what he thought he was doing – trying to boost his “rep” maybe. I knocked him down and that was that. Can’t say I’ve had much trouble of that sort since. Stared a guy down once or twice, but never had to hit anybody. And nobody has hit me. I wonder if you can say the same – you seem a tad short of fuse.

  • savuporo

    Currently the most important launcher in the world.

  • Terry Rawnsley

    You know what they say about opinions.

  • ThomasLMatula

    For those interest here is the link to the live stream.