NewSpace Flashback: The Daily Show on the Launch of Planetary Resources

Editor’s Note: Back in April 2012, Mitt Romney was running for President and Peter Diamandis unveiled Planetary Resources, which was going to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming an asteroid miner.

Two men, two big boyhood dreams. Romney’s campaign went down in flames, and last week Planetary Resources was sold to a block chain company to do….well, it’s not entirely clear.

Lately, I’ve become convinced that much of NewSpace is built of Armwavium. It’s kind of like tissue paper — without the paper.

  • Charles Lurio

    Armwavium has long been imported from science fiction. I say, tariffs now on such imports!

  • Kenneth_Brown

    Isn’t Armwavium just a heavier isotope of Handwavium?

  • Jon Tarragona

    Thats what us real startup folks dont like the terms NewSpace, it was something that started in the 90s, and is plagued by conmen and crackpots.

    We’re building profitable businesses that solve real problems. We don’t constantly appeal to media and hype because we dont need to.

  • pathfinder_01

    Let me get this straight a company who’s business case is weak(mining water for a non existent market) goes out of business and you decry all of New Space?

  • joe tusgadaro

    He said “much” not “all”

  • ThomasLMatula

    And that is exactly how a real industry is built. You don’t need catchy slogans and hype, just revenue from satisfied customers. But the New Space hypers never understood that.

    Whenever I see Peter Diamandis or Rick Tumlinson involved I just write the firm off as a future failure.

  • MzUnGu

    I guess we should add Neil deGrasse Tyson to that list too. LOL

  • ThomasLMatula

    It depends. If Dr. Tyson is discussing something in his area of expertise, like the physical characteristics of asteroids or a science mission to explore them, then his opinion is sound. But if he is endorsing a space commerce startup, that is well outside his area of expertise then yes, ignore it.