Babin Introduces Bill to Keep Human Spaceflight Centered in Houston

Mission Control (Credit: NASA)

WASHINGTON (Brian Babin PR) – U.S. Rep. Brian Babin (TX-36), Chairman of the House Space Subcommittee, has introduced H.R. 6910, the Leading Human Spaceflight Act. Babin unveiled the bill during a subcommittee hearing Wednesday titled 60 Years of NASA Leadership in Human Space Exploration: Past, Present, and Future.

“The Leading Human Spaceflight Act reaffirms Johnson Space Center’s leadership role as the home of American human spaceflight,” said Babin. “This legislation also recognizes that based on their historical role and extensive expertise and capabilities, Johnson Space Center is the logical center to serve a lead role in program management, systems engineering, program integration, and operations for NASA’s human space exploration program—particularly those outlined in the Human Space Exploration Campaign.

“My bill promotes policy that will lead to a permanent and continuous U.S. human presence in LEO and authorizes NASA to operate the ISS until 2030, or until we have demonstrated a sustainable lower cost alternative. At the same time, NASA is directed to start work with the private sector in developing the commercial capabilities to meet America’s future needs in low-Earth orbit.”

Babin’s full remarks may be seen here.

A video of his opening statement may be viewed here.

  • windbourne

    Hopefully, this bill dies.
    It does nothing of value for NASA. All in all, let NASA figure out where to place groups.

    With that said, I would guess that NASA will keep things going there for it’s hsf.

  • Tom Billings

    Yes, it’s a nervous bill. It’s a bill that is obviously put in place to keep NASA running its own HSF out of Houston, even after commercial groups run their own flights from KSC, or from Denver, or from ARC, or from Boise, for that matter. The bill establishes a toll gate for US government human spaceflight, at JSC.

    IMHO, the real danger is that they will try to do the same for commercial human spaceflight as well, once they have established this as being a precedent.

  • Zed_WEASEL

    The time of a single center for human spaceflight run by the government is over.