Boeing Expects Automated Starliner Flight Test in 5 or 6 Months

Editor’s Note: Apparently Boeing had a teleconference with a select group of media today to announce the delay.

  • Emmet Ford

    We’ll probably get to hear NASA’s take on this development on August 3rd when the astronaut assignments are announced.

    The question that immediately arises in the fevered minds of space fans everywhere is whether this signals an additional 5 or 6 months of brow furrowing and pondering of the unponderable over the acceptabilty of the new SpaceX COPV.

  • Amazing that it’s finally getting closer. How long have we been talking about COTS D?

  • Cameron

    Closer? Isn’t this a slip of 5 – 6 months? Not that is was expected to actually fly as soon as predicted in 2018.

  • ThomasLMatula

    Teslarati is reporting from a source the DM1 flight will be in the October-December timeframe.

    SpaceX is searching for BFR landing sites for early 2020s Mars missions

    “Crew Dragon’s official uncrewed demonstration debut (DM-1) and perhaps
    the crewed demonstration follow-on mission (DM-2) will likely have real
    launch dates announced later this week in an August 3 NASA press
    conference. Reliable sources have pegged those dates around
    October-December for DM-1 and 3-6 months later for DM-2”

  • envy

    We already knew from Tory Bruno that Atlas wouldn’t be launching the OFT before October, so it’s more like a slip of 2-3 months.

  • envy

    I take it that the editor was not part of the “select group” of media?

  • I remember sticking my head in the Dragon mock-up back in ‘06 at the SpaceX factory. As far as I’m concerned, 6 months is nothing. It’s finally gonna happen.

  • Ignacio Rockwill

    Four outta Eight Ain’t Bad is a Meatloaf song I think.

  • Mr Snarky Answer

    .500 is great in baseball, but not so great in valves controlling LES engine.

  • Panice

    Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

  • 76 er

    It’s those pesky little details that make spaceflight so difficult, right? The Russians produced a film a few years back about their (then newly launched) Angara rocket. In the subtitles there was a translation that went something like “if a component is off by even a millimeter it could cause this behemoth to go awry”. So if the US ever goes metric we’ll have to change the expression to “Baseball is a game of centimeters.” 😉

  • Mr Snarky Answer

    Good news. BFR is already dimensioned in metric (unlike F9)

  • 76 er

    I have noticed that SpaceX adheres to the metric system in their broadcasts (and as you pointed out, on the drawing boards and shop floor). Good for them.

  • Michael Vaicaitis

    err um, that’d be millimetres, centimetres and metres – a meter is some sort of measuring device

  • 76 er

    Ah, the pesky little spelling detail. You got me, metre it is!

  • windbourne

    Only if you are from Europe. For America, it remains meter.

    Look, be happy. This is another one of America’s great F.U. that Elon appears to be fixing.
    Hopefully, we will go metric before I die.
    reagan, like W and Trump, was such an idiot.