Full Video of ISRO Capsule Escape Test

The test looks fine until just before the end. The parachutes released a wee bit early and the capsule plunged into the water.

“Hey, we’re safe, we made….Oh no! Brace for impact!”

  • Terry Rawnsley

    Oh well, that’s why you test these things. Elon would certainly understand.

  • Enrique Moreno

    I wonder if it is more safe to be in the rocket instead of to use the “scape system”… ;p

  • Michael Halpern

    Low budget test, and that’s a relatively easy fix

  • Looks cool. Go build it.

  • windbourne

    huh. odd.
    Did not the escape system seem slow ? I would think that with the H2 and solid boosters that it will consume as fast as challenger’s explosion did. If so, then the capsule would be caught in that blast.

    wow. Boeing has not done their pad test.


  • delphinus100

    Still waiting for Boeing to do this…

  • Douglas Messier

    I agree. Seemed to take too long to get off the ground.

  • Geoff T

    Looks like the released footage is in slow motion at the moment of ignition up to the cut to a different angle at the 0:20 mark. Was there a livestream/unedited feed available showing its true speed?

  • windbourne

    not sure why you say that. Look at the exhaust.
    That does not look slowed down.

  • Geoff T

    I’m still unsure, as the escape tower is all solids shouldn’t the exhaust plume essentially be a similar speed to that of the Orion test video earlier in the comment chain? That second replay being slower than the first doesn’t really give an indication of the first one being at full speed.

    I’m willing to admit I’m likely wrong here though, unfortunately I can’t for the life of me find a second video with a different angle to compare one way or the other. All videos just seem to be reposts of that one shot.

    If the escape system really is that slow though then yeah, clearly much work to do!